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  1. They basically buy it bulk. $5-10 can get you about a pack of 24 to 40 bars which is about a $14 to $30 profit. Times that by 6 to 10 boxes that they usually have with them and they make up to about a $300 profit a day. Do the math from there and its very possible. Im not defending them though. I'm a conductor myself and I find them outright annoying. Had a few decide to wait to the last min for me to close my doors to run, yell in my face, and almost take out my head just so they can just go into the next car. Called for police after that and got them kicked off my train. I don't tolerate that mess on my train. EVER!!! It makes money whether selling candy or dancing but its def not for trains. And mind you for anyone that defends these kids remember if someone gets hit by one of these fools and decides to report it to me or my partner, that train goes out of service and we have to wait for police and investigate if they need medical assistance or press charges. By this time the kids are gone and you're stuck there late for work, school, an appointment, interview, etc......
  2. Nah the drug test is good for 90 days. I was called in around Nov 2012 (Monday after Sandy hit) then had to take it in again in early February 2013, then got sworn in 2 weeks later for March 2013 class.
  3. Thats cute lol wait til you get to Coney Island Yard for the structure walk (just trying to be funny )
  4. Thanks!!! And no it didnt. Just like I said before. It was simple once you get over being nervous lol Btw how do you get the badge under your avatar? I noticed members that work for Transit get it. How can I get that badge as well?
  5. First off, I'm sorry guys!! I had to focus on the upcoming tests I had to take (MidTerm, Yard Practical, Final and Road Practical). Just about from where i left off is all the same. Every day we went to a Yard and practiced making announcements, door operations and learning how to cut out a door. Had some joyrides to practice down the road as well. Scored a perfect score on my Midterm. Yay!!! Yard Practical was simple: preparing to leave out a terminal (saftey checks, etc), leaving out of a terminal, and cutting out a door. Road posting was fun, learned the real truth about how MTA works down here if you know what I mean. Final i did alright. Scored a 90 % Road Practical was simple too: making a perfect stop/announcements and what to do when you overrun or stop short out the marker. So case in point: I SURVIVED!!!! Been out since May 2nd and I love it!!!!
  6. Thanks bro!!! Today we were at Canarsie Yards. Practiced on the R143s there on prepping a train for service.
  7. Yep all 3 schoolcars were there in that small break room lol Wednesday we went to 207th yards and practiced handswitching and using a 3rd rail jumper. Also practiced flagging for a train operator in the yard as well. Yesterday we worked on door problems on a R32 and a R46. Also got a pop quiz on signals which I aced lol
  8. Yesterday TSS Taylor came in to sub in for one of our current TSS on vacation for the next week. Practice more on the R68 doors operations. Today we had a joyride down the B line practicing door operations. We all need more practice lol. Also learned about 3rd rail jumpers and visited Concourse Yard.
  9. So busy and tired last 2 days i forgot to talk about Friday. Just about checked out the dispatcher's offices at Stilwell Av station. Then headed over to Stillwell Yard and practiced on the R68s with opening and closing doors and preparing a train for departure from a starting station.
  10. Went to get our new boots today. Then went to Jamaica Yards to learn about the R46 trains, learn more about fixing door problems and also opening and closing doors on a train as well. Also got my uniform in the mail today That was one big box!!!! lol
  11. Hes not lying lol Went to Coney Island Yards today. Checked out the yard towers there then did a structure walk from there to Ave X (your fear of heights will be tested mentally lol). Went over more signals from there. After lunch we went to check out the R68s and learned how to deal with door problems on that specific train.
  12. We became mole people walking thru the tunnels. Learned how to guide passengers in the tunnels to emergency exits. Then got a tour of Pitkin Yards. Went over signals and learned how to board a train from the tracks. We also checked out how a R32 runs. Going to CI Yards tomorrow.
  13. Went over track safety and received out radios, gas masks and flashlights yesterday. Also went over track signals after at 34th Street on the A line. Going to Euclid/Pickin Ave today.
  14. This is EXACTLY what alot of us in Schoolcar are worried about doing. At the end of the day I would do the exact same thing. With any job, MTA or not, most new people get intimidated by people with more seniority. But I gotta remember im on Probation which means im on thin ice from the get go. I would rather triple check myself and get talked about by the T/O than open the doors and lose my job......
  15. I had Morales mainly and sometimes LaBlanca this week. I go out on the field with Goding and Smith the next couple of weeks. Had a quiz on Basic MTA Rules and Benefits as well. Then watched videos on the duties of a conductor. Also got most of our equipment and was measured for our uniforms as well. Monday we get our radios and shoes i think. Hello, weekend!!!!!

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