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  1. Don’t even worry about that letter from NYCERS. It’s just a standard letter sent out when you haven’t been in a working status for more then 60 days. I also got one when I was out sick long term last year. Whenever you start working another application will be sent in by TA, and your pension will start. As far as any news on hiring nothing has changed from my previous posts. At this point nothing is open at 180 Livingston street, except for the medical assessment clinic.
  2. I understand your anxiousness, but nothing has changed in regards to hiring any wine. That memo I posted in April still stands, no new hires and no new classes. They aren’t even processing promotions at this time either. Also all classes have Ben cancelled until further notice. And as far as reopening no one here could answer that question, as we haven’t been informed of this. The MTA is a state operated agency and thus gets all its orders from the office of the governor. So whenever they do open back up it’ll be under that offices timeline and guidance. I know this sucks and is probably the last thing you want to hear. But if I had to give it a ball park figure I’d say not until after the summer will they start to rehire, maybe even longer it they don’t get the government bailout they’re seeking.
  3. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they sent out a memo stating they’ve put an Absolute Block on any hiring or promotions of any sort, until further notice. I don’t know how that will affect you since you were sworn in, which technically makes you an employee already. But it could be much longer than a while judging by the tone of the bulletin. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oysl1gwp7cqw7k7/IMG_3073.jpg?dl=0
  4. Barely! Lots of clerks have had to close their booths down because they didn’t have a relief and were about to go into triples. Some booths have just been straight up closed due to no coverage. And lots of office workers are working from home
  5. Yeah right now ain’t nobody being hired for anything. There’s no one barely working at 130 Livingston or anyone at 180 Livingston. Plus there’s no way to practice social distancing up in that waiting area. Once the world opens back up hiring will resume. But I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you, it may be months before that will happen. Right now honestly it’s too much craziness going on in the system as it is, this would be the complete wrong time to start down here. I’d advise to just stay patient and hope for a positive outcome of this pandemic.
  6. Hello!  If my no# was passed and i didnt recieve an email or letter what do ido. Mrs watson last told me there backed up and  i would recieve a letter. What does that mean and who can i call to finf out.thanks in advance.#146*

  7. Well if you guys are on observation day you’re almost done with class. All that’s left is two booth take over days, and your final exam.
  8. If it hasn’t happened yet your classes may get postponed. TA doesn’t want more than 10 people in a given small space at any given time. I’m not sure how many people are in your class but I’m sure it’s at least 10 people plus the instructor(s). Right now at 130 Livingston it’s a virtual ghost town as all nonessential employees have been instructed to stay home and work remotely.
  9. Yeah there won’t be any hiring of any sorts for some time. All nonessential TA workers have been given two weeks off to work from home remotely.
  10. You’ll have to contact the uniform company. I’m very surprised that let you choose shorts. Usually only items which are available for your title are allowed to be selected. Unless they’ve changed it allow agents to wear shorts. I haven’t been in a booth in 5 years, and honestly never seen an agent wearing shorts.
  11. And also Station Agents aren’t issued shorts, so you aren’t allowed to wear your them. The only titles issued shorts are bus operators. And besides you wouldn’t want to wear shorts in those booths anyway. There’s many hazards you can encounter while in a booth. So you would t want your legs exposed.
  12. You can wear boots or shoes while on duty. Either black or brown in color. Station Agent's aren’t issued safety boots at all. So you have to provide your own approved type of footwear.
  13. All days are 8 hours. You’ll be working from 0700-1500(8am to 3pm) on most days. Also learn military time(24 hours clock) if you’re not familiar with it, because transit only operates and fills out paperwork in a 24 hour clock format.
  14. Yeah everyone he said honestly I couldn’t remember exactly what we did the first two days being as that was 15 years ago for me. But first two days will be very boring I can tell you. I can mostly remember the format of the training course. First two weeks they train you the rules and procedures of TA, as well as the paperwork. But nowadays their isn’t much paperwork any longer for station agents. When I started there was much more paperwork to deal with, and different types of fare media to deal with as well. The third week you’ll do AFC training(learning how to encode metrocards, and learn how to use the computer system in the booth). The last week of class is reviewing everything you’ve learned in class. Then you’ll do a one day booth observation where you’ll work with a veteran station agent and observe how a day working in the booth is, but you won’t make any transactions or be responsible for any funds in the booth. The next two days you’ll do a booth takeover where you’ll be once again working in the booth with a veteran station agent, but you’ll be doing all the transactions and be responsible for all the money in the booth. So for those three days you won’t report to the school. You’ll be reporting on duty at the selected subway stations. The following day will be another review day, and review of your paperwork you retained from your days in the booth. And the next day will be finals day. It sounds like a lot, but you’ll get through it. Good luck and if you have any further questions while I’m class feel free to inbox me.
  15. A typical size of a station agent class is 10-20 people. But in the odd instance can be less than 10 people.

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