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  1. If used on the garbage trains...….better air conditioning for the crew.
  2. Hopefully.....work trains could also mean them getting assignments within yards...……..to be horses to pull and push dead cars around. To be used however which way supervision sees fit.
  3. Because the cars were sitting in storage. Cars not needed. When trains go to a yard, for storage or not, signage is not changed till the train is readied for its' next assignment. Add "if" since we're talking about R42's here. If 4790/91 will not longer be used, the cars will eventually go to scrap with the signs as is, particularly with that big A in the front,
  4. Not because of signage. The preserved/museum cars are 4572/73. It wouldn't be right to save more than one pair based on the other SMEES and storage space limitations.
  5. To all: There were questions posed over the weekend asking how many R32's would be on the J/Z Monday morning. You may want to know how many for Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. What will be running for the AM rush is set up by the midnight dispatchers. They have no idea on how many R32's would be running till they set up their railroad. That goes for the Parsons terminal dispatcher and ENY Yard dispatcher. In the yard, he has to see how many cars he has available of all models. The fact of the matter is that there were 7 R32 sets on the J/Z this morning. Some sent out by ENYD, some were under control of the J line dispatcher who had his laid up at 111 and/or in the back of Jamaica Center. How many will be on the line Tuesday will be determined sometime after midnight tonight. The number on Wednesday will be known after midnight Wednesday and so on.
  6. The term "relay" is not used in that context since the train is being laid up to the yard. That is simply part of the move for the train to be laid up on the track the yard dispatcher wants the train to be stored on. "Relay" means a given train is getting ready to make another trip. So if a J train, for example, comes into Jamaica Center and is making another trip, that is a relay. Also, when a C train, for example, comes into Euclid or 168 and is going to make another trip, the train has to be relayed beyond the station to set it up for another trip. A switchman at a terminal (a train operator working at a terminal) may be told at Euclid, 168, 179 "to relay that train" by the terminal dispatcher.
  7. That's what happens with 56 year old cars. Things go wrong and often. And don't ask what happened to 3888 because I don't know, but I do know this, ENYD is not going to play "musical subway cars" without a reason.
  8. I didn't say that!!!!!! Why would a train be relayed at 111 when the terminal is Jamaica Center? Do you know the difference between a "relay" and a "layup"?
  9. Have you read my post made at 8:44 Am on July 5th?
  10. Did you read the first few words of my post? Reading comprehension is key. Then it bears repeating: 2 R32's get laid up at 111 every night. They are used the next morning. If "next morning" is a weekday schedule, they are used on the Z for the rush. If "next morning" is a Sat. or Sun schedule, they are used in J service and are out there all day.....or unless one of them goes bad. As for the 3rd one, one is R32 laid up in the back of Jamaica Center the night before. So if "next morning" is a weekday, then they use it as a Z. If "next morning" is a Sat. or Sun. schedule, then the train stays out all day as a J unless it goes bad. On weekends, if they get a train from ENYD, they will likely get a new tech, as there is no reason to send out another 56 year old train when they have new techs available in the yard. Got it?
  11. THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY, NOT ONLY FOR MR. HAPPY. Don't celebrate just yet. The only reason why you saw R32's in weekend J service is because the superintendent wants old trains laid up at 111 overnight. Once the R42's were retired they had no choice but to lay up new techs overnight at 111, but now that R32's are back they can do it once again. The problem is the schedule calls for those lay ups at 111 to be used on weekends, hence the reason why 2 R32's were in weekend J service, till one of them had the Social Distancing Chains broken. Therefore the right thing to do (and hopefully that policy will be changed next weekend) is to make sure new techs are laid up at 111 on Friday night so only new techs can be in J service on weekends. Just because you saw R32's in daytime J service on Saturday (or Friday with Saturday schedule) does or does not mean R32's will run all day Monday. There is no way you can get an accurate answer now. R32's run IN ACCORDANCE TO THE NEEDS OF THE SERVICE. Particular equipment is not planned in advance to run on a particular day (all day) unless a memo or bulletin is issued. The preferred equipment on the J/Z are new techs and R32's will be used only when necessary. From what I can gather, and fellas don't use the term "tomorrow" or "yesterday" or even "today" because the set up is in "hours ago" for new posts, It seems like the day on Friday (Saturday schedule) started with 2 R32's on the J. It looks like they had 1 R32 on the J on Saturday. Sunday, the day I'm posting this, remains to be seen. I'm sure somebody will be looking for one and let us know, even though this is not a time for rail fanning! The aim and purpose of the R32's being reactivated exclusively for J/Z service is to run them for 1 trip on the AM (rush) and 1 trip on the PM (rush) in Z service only. I have no doubt that management and supervision on the J line are working toward that goal.
  12. We'll have to wait and see since the R32's have only been in use for a couple of days and sparingly at that. Plus they all got inspected before they left 207th. Technically they get inspected by mileage, but it generally turns out about once every 2 months. In between inspections if they visit the barn they are called "Troubles". Many times however, a car inspector can repair the car on the track it's laid up on in the yard.
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