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  1. All this business about some R32's being transferred from 207 to Pitkin means they will be inspected at Pitkin instead of 207. However there will be no impact on them operating on either the A or C lines.
  2. Spreading the 7000's to Yukon is a bad idea. I doubt if that would be done because 7000-7089 is a unique fleet with their own replacement parts. It makes no sense to spread out the parts inventory. Inefficient cost wise.
  3. Or maybe they want all drivers on the island to be qualified on all different buses in case of a loan. Only Yukon is scheduled to receive this batch of Nova's. There is nothing to suggest that has changed. 1 bus does not make a fleet. If CAST gets more, then we have something to discuss.
  4. Because it takes longer time wise to relay and R46 vs. an R32/R179 at both Euclid and 168. Although at 168 there is the benefit of a benchwall for most or all of the walk for the t/o. Euclid relay does not. Therefore in many instances 2 t/o's are needed to relay an R46. This could mean overtime, especially if the C has a lot of R46's that day. Overtime eats into the superintendent's budget. The less overtime, the better the superintendent looks to "The General".
  5. So that this discussion does not get out of hand, the bus involved was 8359. The bus has lot of damage to the right side. However, there is no reason to scrap this bus. Transit will easily be able to procure the replacement parts from Nova. The only way a bus gets scrapped is if there's frame damage and certainly this was a low speed collision. The guys in the shops are quite skilled. I saw a video of the accident scene somewhere yesterday. However I forget where. Therefore I will not be able to show the video.
  6. Have you sent this to via Email to MTA/NYCT so they can make the appropriate changes on the GTFS Data? It is quite common to have no communication between departments.
  7. You thought wrong. R32's won't be displaced (Read: S-C-R-A-P-P-E-D) until the R211's come in.
  8. Did Grand Ave. ever use 5332 for service? Are any operators (and maintenance) qualified on the Nova LFS? Does maintenance even have Nova LFS parts?
  9. MAYBE it's actually in the base shop and not in the depot proper?
  10. Too soon to tell. The bus has to be thoroughly inspected and a decision, based on the amount of damage and cost analysis, has to be made by the big shots, who are likely off weekends.
  11. Because some of those buses survive, even though they are not used for regular service anymore.
  12. Notice I put WARMED UP in quotes because there is a difference between that and a motor vehicle. A better phrase or word is "cycled over and over" or "used". Perhaps the reason why you and others feel R32's run so poorly is because transit knows that they will not be around for much longer so why spend a lot of time working on them? Just do what's absolutely necessary in the barn.
  13. What about 24/7 lines? You could have a trainset running day after day after day, including on the A line with 40 y/o R46's and 30 year old R68's on the D/G for example. A train is laid up in accordance to if it falls into a scheduled layup spot or if the train in the lay up spot has to swapped with a train in a non layup spot because it has been requested by the barn or a set is due for inspection. What about lines with 2 or 3 PM Put ins? Surely some trains on that line will be running 24/7 because there are many more than that running on the midnight on that line. What about weekends? Only a few Sat. & Sun. AM put ins (trains on first trip of the day) till nighttime layups. Therefore, those trains will run all weekend 24/7. As a t/o, the last thing I want to operate is a put in. I want a train that has been running with all components "warmed up" rather than a train sitting around for hours (or days) while most all components have been idle.
  14. Maybe this guy was doing this trip on overtime and the depot did not cover the next trip because nobody was interested?

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