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  1. Disagree. LGA quality of maintenance has grown by leaps and bounds. How do you expect them to properly maintain hand me down worn out buses from MHV depot that ran in Manhattan all their lives that should have never been transferred in the first place? They should have been scrapped. Same for the junk that NYCT transferred from FP. Those were worn out too and some have already been scrapped. If it weren't for politics and news media interference, the best of the 1999 RTS' would have been retained for LGA and JFK instead of worn out high mileage hybrids from NYCT which also had to do bustitutions most weekends.
  2. The 9000 series (9510 and up) will be used for the next batch of hybrids.
  3. Rejected? Maybe they returned it to sender because of defects NYCT discovered?
  4. Sometimes a newly manufactured bus has "issues" that has to be repaired at the vendor/manufacturer.
  5. As well as one or two 4700 series artics. Mostly 40'ers running. Why? Because of bed bug extermination on the 4700 series artics at Casey Stengel.
  6. "Consistently"? I post here quite inconsistently. There are guys who post at least 10 times a day here! There is a difference between number blocks being saved and the actual registration with DMV. The buses are registered with DMV when they arrive here. Sorry I bruised your ego. Man up!
  7. You thought wrong. A numerical block was saved for these. Nobody ever said they were here.
  8. And also to test the announcement programs.
  9. Look for artics to start on the B38 on Sunday Sept. 1. Because of the new pick, sheets shown in the depot will denote premium artic pay in effect . New picks always start on a Sunday on NYCT bus and subway & MTA Bus. Monday Sept. 2 is a holiday (Sunday schedule) on Labor Day.
  10. You have to hope that upcoming labor contracts include part time bus operators which they don't have at present. Management PROPOSALS to Local 100 include the use of part time bus operators.
  11. I had my first ride on a 10 car R179 yesterday. Waited at Chambers St. for one in either direction. Got set #2 bound for Lefferts Blvd. Rode back uptown, on the return trip it was bound for Far Rock. I was thinking of staying on, but I had enough for one day. Made my way home from Fulton St. I can't complain. Good acceleration and seemed much faster than the old stuff. My only pet peeve is the set-up of the announcement program. The policy, in both computer and manual announcements, is to announce the termination point once it gets into that borough. So in Manhattan going southbound, it announces "Brooklyn Bound A train" and in Brooklyn it announces "Queens Bound A train". It doesn't say the terminal till 80th St. because that is the first stop in Queens. I will say there are excellent announcements by the computer all the way till Rockaway Blvd. But......if you get on in Manhattan and are getting off past Rockaway Blvd., you want to know the trains' destination. Where you embark, you might miss the scrolling sign on the outside, and/or you may not be entering at a door with the FIND. It would be nice for the computer to be set up with the destination announced from 59th St. on. If they don't want to do that, announce the destination at Euclid, either via computer or advise all c/r's to announce it manually. This would also be helpful to sight impaired passengers. Once the winter comes, it would be more comfortable for passengers to change trains at Euclid instead of Rockaway Blvd.
  12. Conveniently enough, this past weekends M to 145 was piggybacking with another GO: CI Bound F trains via the E line from 36th St. Queens to 47/50 Rockefeller Center Manhattan. In other words, the M would not be able to get back to Met from 96/2.

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