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  1. Polly is #2 at the US Dept. of Transportation, second in command to Pete Buttigeg.
  2. That was because the cars had loads of defects.
  3. Turn them at 59th St. Yeah, it would screw up everything but that is their only choice.
  4. Polly is going to be the deputy US Sec'y of Transportation under the Biden Administration...…….second in command.
  5. It's not up to deBlasio, it is not up to MTA to make the decision. Cuomo will make the decision.
  6. Mtatransit: thank you for finding that link. Nostalgia: as noted by BM5...…...not the same train. The reason why is after those times the turnstiles are locked not allowing passengers the enter the system (passengers are on those later arrivals but others not allowed to enter), those arriving trains are for exiting passengers only. At the point where the first arrival later on which left the terminal without passengers arrives, then naturally there would be no passengers exiting.
  7. if you are going to respond to a statement of mine, please read my entire statement. Will you please answer the following: when the claim the bus is at Grand Ave., is at the DEPOT or BASE SHOP? Please reread the words I said. Grand Ave. Base Shop is not a garage! Grand Ave. depot is, despite the fact they're in the same building. Why? Because a bus at Grand Ave. Base Shop will not run on a Grand Ave. route unless/until the Base shop is finished with the bus and is told by operations to send it to Grand Ave. DEPOT for service. Why can't the 100% of the posters here understand there is a difference between Grand Ave. Base Shop and Grand Ave. Depot?
  8. There should be a table of the last passenger trains of the night listed by line and by station on the MTA web site. I did see it but I have no ideas on how to bring it back up. But the table would be based on regular service, not GO's, which may change the time. Best bet, do not count on riding the last train of the night.
  9. That wasn't my question. If the bus is assigned to Grand Ave. DEPOT, the expectation is that it would be seen running on Grand Ave. routes, or at the very least, there for the mechanics to get acquainted with the bus and/or begin to qualify the operators on the equipment, if there are major differences on the bus. If the bus is assigned to Grand Ave. BASE SHOP, the expectation it that it's "visiting" for maintenance training purposes. Grand Ave. Depot and Grand Ave. Base Shop, despite being in the same large building, are completely separate entities.
  10. Do we know if it's at the depot, or upstairs in the Base Shop for the mechanics to get trained on it? DO we know for sure if it will be used on Grand Ave. routes?
  11. There is a group of RTO Employees who are calling for 110th St. station to be renamed in Goble's honor. And I'm not talking about a plaque either.
  12. Check out the second message posted by R68 on Broadway where he asked jeatloh "why did you use my profile picture"?
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