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  1. Nice shots! And think you could film the trip through the front or back window?
  2. Tsk tsk, I should wash your keyboards out with soap!B) Hey, at least the DC Metro is newer and cleaner than those others! From that distance, you can hardly tell that there's a collusion!
  3. Great pics! Say, has there been any consideration of rehabbing the first generation LRV's? They gotta be almost 30, but they can't be finished, just yet!
  4. I liked the gray/brown scheme, but I would like to see them be updated! I notice that most subway cars built since the 70s have a wider curve towards the bottom, like a pear! BART's cars have it, as do Metro's, MARTA's, CTA's, many of NYC's, Boston's, and SEPTA's M4's! Interesting design!
  5. The fact that they have a divided budget, and that they're the only US system that isn't state funded sure don't help matters any! Actually, MARTA has 3 models of the train, the CQ310, CQ311, and CQ312.
  6. Actually, the T's system isn't that different now. Since its opening, most maps and signage have had the Beechview lines colored red, and the Overbrook lines blue. So, while it is official now, you can see that sort of thing was in their minds for some time!
  7. That top one is nice! It appears to be taking cues from the newer railcars!
  8. Oh yeah! I used to ride it when I was living there! I notice that the "T" symbol is hard to see on some of those cars, is it like a watermark on them? Was that one crossover recent? It looks clean and recent! I'll miss the 42 and 47 designations! Interestingly, I believe the color-coding system is nothing new. Though it's official now, I remember on most maps and signage since the light rail opened usually had the Beechview lines colored red and the Overbrook lines blue!
  9. As happy I am to see Metro get new cars, it'll be sad to see the Rohrs go. They were the first set of cars the system had. I do hope some Rohr cars will go to museums. Personally, I'd like to see the Smithsonian and National Capital Trolley Museum get some! Kawasaki's gonna make them? I was kinda hoping that they would chose Ansaldo-Breda or CAF. But with that style frontend, I think Kawasaki would be the best choice.
  10. Transit systems nationwide have all done quite a bit in spite of the economy!
  11. I've ridden the metro quite a bit! Nothing but what that person said could be more fantasy! In fact, I'm gonna go give that person a piece of my mind right now!
  12. It's about time Dulles got one of them People mover things! Could really careless about those lounges! traildriver: You can learn all about it on Dulles's website: mwaa.com
  13. Whoa... Never really had lot of those issues! Of course, I never went to NYC and rode the subway! I mean, in DC, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh they all were pretty good with the no loud music, smoking, eating, etc. Never saw any panhandlers in those systems. I've heard with some of Atlanta's old turnstiles, you didn't even need to jump over them, you could actually force them! Now they got those new kind that are higher, which insures that everyone who rides has at least some money! New York could probably use them! Only annoying thing I can think of, at least for the NYC subway, is just that its overwhelmingly large and vast.
  14. Yes, it is! They were built by Adtranz, which is now part of Bombardier. Basically, the Market Frankford line is the Pennsy Broad gauge, as is Septa's light rail lines. But the Broad Street line is standard gauge. Pittsburgh's light rail is also broad gauge. This was deliberately done to make the system incompatible with the railroads. As for the R143's, I think there would have been pictures of it and such, so it's quite unlikely. Moreover, NYC has a very vast network, with more than 2 track mainlines. With a system like that, they wouldn't need to use the DC Metro. It'd be incompatible anyway.
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