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  1. hey jambutle88. how are you? i was wondering if you can help me with some question. my friend works at the mta fixing buses, he told me that they were giving application for bus cleaning. i think that's what you do. do you know what i need to do to get this position. like do i need a cdl b license or something?

  2. Yes I am going for bus cleaning the 3001 test which is still not on the website. how am i gonna send the application when it's not on the website yet and the time is almost near?
  3. So, All these question that i will get, it's common sense right? people are telling don't buy the book, is there any website or anything that can come close to the question they might give or does anybody knows what question are they going to be asking?
  4. What are the chances to get in with MTA if you pass the test and how long will it take for them to call you and start working?
  5. ok, i will do that. I haven't taken any of them yet. they haven't post the application for cleaning buses which it should start in nov 1, 2009 and i dont know why are they taking so long. i want to send the application already but i can't find it in there website.
  6. Should i get my permit now or wait until i take the test because i don't know weather or not they going to call me. the application hasn't being posted in their website! what should i do?
  7. thank you guys for the help. i really do need the help, that's what im going to do. get the permit. on the time of test i need to have it by then?
  8. thank you guys. so i have to get the CDL. like its a must have?
  9. About MTA cleaner helper! What are the requirement to have this position? I have my HS diploma, driver licence but not the CDL! I check the website and i see nothing about CDL.
  10. Thank you guys for all your help, I was this close to buy the book! now i can save that money and use it to send the application:) do you guys know how long will it take for them to talk ones your done with the test? I'm thinking that it's not going to take long because it's cleaning buses or maybe I'm wrong!
  11. thank you for your help. I really preheated. I have one more question. can i buy any book or does it have to be pacific for the MaBSTOA and MTA Bus - Cleaner/Helper? I really want to pass and get in with MTA Also do you know how long does it takes for them to call ones you have pass the test?
  12. Hi, everyone I was wondering how can i get the book exam and what else do i need for MaBSTOA and MTA Bus - Cleaner/Helper. i would like to join the grew:) I have check the website from MTA but they still haven't update any news! I really want to study the test. does anybody knows what the test is about?
  13. I am new at the post and i am very happy that i manage to find this forums by myself I am reading up and down things i haven't knows and question i need to ask. but right now i would like to join a big part of this community. thank you for reading this and having me here.:cool: I love train and buses and the employee they have. They all play there roll.
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