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  1. And when they tell you the expectations involving attendance believe them!
  2. So .... so far so good. I'm on the job at PATH for over 2 months and no real issues. If your planning on working for PATH as a TPIA ( temporary passenger agent ) be ready for crazy hours and a staff that both welcomes you and expects you to know your job very quickly.
  3. Is there a place in this forum that addresses employment issues?
  4. This PATH forum does not talk about employment opportunities. Which is something sorely lacking .But I have looked at this forum and will attempt to use this as a place where all can gain information on PATH and other employment issues. And I have used other transit systems as a place for this forum...
  5. I realize that they are separate but I couldn't find a forum for PATH and the search engine kept binging me to njt so I thought it would be good plac to start.
  6. I just got hired by PATH. IT TOOK 2 1/2 month from the time that I got offered to test.
  7. Since PATH operated by NYNJ Port Authority is not listed, I will begin this forum. please check the Ports website for job vacancies for PATH.
  8. No... They have specific test books on the day your protest is scheduled. If you do go they might give you a different day to come back. No you DO NOT get to take any paper work or books with you when you are done....
  9. My friend got 9 wrong.OMG. I am trying to console her. She took the 6001 exam on april 10 pm. I told her to protest tomorrow. Does anyone here plan to protest any questions
  10. For MTA yes, not for lirr. And thanks for the positive feedback. I just want to do a good job this time around.
  11. Took this test about three years ago and the cognitive got me . So that's why I'm asking. Not to cheat . There is no way to cheat this test and that's not what I'm about.....
  12. Just got an email to come take the cognitive and vocabulary. Any suggestions on the cognitive? Do I try to complete the whole section or is completing the cognitive is not what they are looking for, or the number correctly done even its just 2 out of let's say 8 problems.
  13. Pointing to the board means that your train is properly in the station. That the train operator hasn't overun the station and is fully in the station so that you can safely open the doors. This is part of your job. Safe operation of your train is your responsibility. If you haven't got it already the TSS should ride you..
  14. what number did you call and who did you speak to?
  15. Hey guys n gals I need a phone number to call 180 Livingston to inquire about reinstatements for a friend of mine. The last number I have is for Mrs. Shivers but I haven been told that she is no longer the conductor liaison.

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