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  1. on my own! Training has ended and we are now on the road. It has been a good experience and school car made it all happen. Good luck to those new conductor recruits, study a lot and keep practicing ta procedures.
  2. Will be right behind you in a few weeks, still learning. Good luck on the road,
  3. Uumm three percent for ten years, that's what was told to every new hiree by nycers three weeks ago....:confused:
  4. Well I got news for you. The last of conductor hired is like 160 something or so. And we have 25/55 plan so far. You contribute 3 percent of your earnings towards the pension for ten years and its yours. Keeps your heads up, next class should be in august someti me. Good luck :cool:
  5. Welcome onboard on point. Better be on point tomorrow morning at eight. Don't be late.:cool:
  6. Wow, you don't need a uniform to pick up women. And the perks you are referring to are pretty much gone. Why would you wanna leave this lovely city to go live someplace else. Stuck on the subway till you retire sounds better than enforcing law out on the streets.:cool:
  7. Hey, yes I was a bus operator for fresh pond depot before. It has been a complete circle for me, coming back to mta. Altogether I have ten years with nypd as a traffic agent and then as a police officer. Mta by far is a much nicer and less hostile work environment, unlike nypd. But here we are and I got the job and can't wait to start July 25. Are you already working as a conductor?

  8. Grass is greener on mta side. This is gonna be my second tenure with mta. Well I can only speak for myself.good luck everyone.
  9. I do have a stupid question, does anyone know what train operator make per hour? Kinda careerpath am considering, who knows maybe one day the will get to my number on the oc to list. Thx for your input.
  10. Well raddu, don't dismiss mta all together. U do have four years to come back to mta. Nypd isn't for everyone, and I am speaking from experience. Am just happy to be going to mta and leaving nypd and all its problems behind me. But good luck, remember you have four years to still take the job. All the best and be ready to run five miles everyday.
  11. Thx for the warm welcome. Rtoman:cool:
  12. Very soon Brownsville, up to 168 was at medical and final processing yesterday. Keep your phone close to you.
  13. Dan you can also call em up just to check your status. Wouldn't hurt, or just drop by if you are in the neighborhood. Those people at office seem very nice, sure they would give you some advice. Good luck
  14. Hey everyone, passed medical today and got sworn in. Good luck to everyone still waiting.

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