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  1. hey guys. so it looks like i won't be taking the offer of employment on 7/25. i got the call to start the police academy this wednesday. hopefully my spot goes to someone who wants it more than me. good luck to you guys!
  2. there was a class that started today. i missed it b/c i was put on a medical hold, which i cleared today and finished processing...i was told the next class is going to be on 7/25 and that i'm going in that one. all i have to do is that drug test again b/c that expires every 30 days.
  3. hey all...i just received a phone call for the medical/final processing this coming tuesday on the 14th. hope the ball keeps rolling as fast as it is.
  4. i got there at 7am, half hour earlier than told to be there. they gave me a ticket similar to the tickets you get when you're at the dmv. at first they told us (about 30-40ppl) to make a line and sign in and start filling out the paper work they gave us. once it was my turn to turn in the paper work i gave in the paper work and the lady behind the desk asked for my previous work history for the past 10 years. i didn't receive a take home booklet to fill out since i'm already a city employee who filled that book out when i started with the city back in 2007. after that she sent me to take the drug test. after the drug test i was signed out and told they will be in touch with me in a couple of weeks to come in for the medical exam.
  5. has anyone been contacted after the pre-employment date? just curious to know how long it takes for them to call you for the next step(s). i had my pre-employment this past tuesday. i thought it would've been more than just a drug test and paper work.
  6. with the way the economy is you never know what's going to happen. yes i was scheduled for the april class and look what happened. that's why it's never a sure thing, but if bloomy keeps his word about july then i should be in. the funny thing about NYPD is the calls don't start going out until less then a week before reporting for the first day.
  7. now you only need 60 college credits, but most ppl are still gung-ho about being a cop...not me though, i have my name on several lists: NYPD, NYCDOC, TBTA, Conductor, Train Operator, Sanitation, FDNY (firefighter). any one of those positions are well paid and respectable careers.
  8. yes, police officer. if it was anything else i would never consider turning down the conductor position. if transit hires me before the police academy on july 6, i'm going to accept the conductor position until i finish the probationary period then go for NYPD. that way in case NYPD doesn't work out, i can always go back to the MTA. civil service law states if you hold a permanent position and leave for another city agency, you can go back to the agency you left no longer than a year after you left.
  9. yes, my list number is higher than 100, less than 110. since the NYPD class is going in july, i'm hoping to be in that class...guess i'll ask when they're planning on hiring a class for the conductor when i go for the pre-employment on tuesday.
  10. hey guys. i just checked the mail today and received a pre-employment date for this coming tuesday...i'm 10* on the list. anyone know what to expect that day? what is the hiring process like? should i expect a psych, medical, and thorough background check? i'm currently processed for NYPD so i might turn the position down. any idea when they plan on hiring?
  11. this thread's been pretty quiet lately....have we all given up hope on getting hired any time soon? Exam - 8094 Score - 100 List - 10x
  12. THE SALARY: The current minimum salary is $17.4975 per hour for a 40-hour week with increments to $24.9950 after three years. This rate is subject to change. In addition, you will receive night and weekend differentials, paid holidays, vacations and sick leave, a comprehensive health plan and a pension plan.
  13. Yea...awesome! i just checked online and it's there too, but u have to be a subscriber though.
  14. yea u def. misunderstood my question....all i wanted to know was roughly how many people got called at a time from the test before 8094. ex. 200 people at a time...300 people at a time.
  15. if they call list numbers up to 3000+ from the time the list is established till it expires how many people do they roughly call at one time? i know there's nothing that can the predict how many people they're gonna call for 8094, but does anyone know how many people they called at a time from the last test? 8094 score: 100 8094 list #: 101

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