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  1. Thanks everyone! Barring anything unforeseen, looks like they'll finish on time.
  2. R188 exiting the darkness? A via cpw local? And a to Coney Island? What is this? ;-) Nice photos and vid.
  3. Nice photos! I personally like the 68A's, so it'll be good seeing some on the for a while.
  4. It's been a while since I last posted here. Allow me to grace you all with some new PHOTOS! Progress at Kingsbridge Rd IND: For the full gallery (including a BONUS photo), check out my new blog post!
  5. I agree w.r.t. the Fordham corridor; to this day I see cats waiting for trains that won't come at the Concourse Exp platform during off-hours and have to direct them further down. They could move the dumpsters and other equipment to the space behind the north end of the N/B plat (i.e. construct a new "room") to clear the passage for re-opening.Pertaining to the earlier comment, perhaps paulrivera was thinking about the closed Anthony Avenue exit?
  6. As much as I'd love to see Norwood - 205th rehabbed, I'm not holding my breath. Nothing major is scheduled long-term, so nothing but regular touch-ups (e.g. minor paint jobs and/or cleaning here and there) for now... This is actually independent of the Concourse Line Component Repair project (which was scaled back; 170 and 155 were dropped from the program); Kingsbridge Rd IND is one of the MTA's 100 ADA "key" stations. FYI, Bedford Park IND is also an ADA key station, so don't be surprised if work begins there within the next few years (perhaps part of the next Capital Plan - 2015 to 2019?). Thanks for the compliments!
  7. First off, Happy 2013 to all my fellow NYCTF'ers! To start off the new year, here's a video I shot last Sunday showing the ADA work done to date at Kingsbridge Rd IND: http://youtu.be/xlv6wPw9v7Y (Also, here's the accompanying blog post with some more info.) ENJOY!
  8. Looking forward to the Concourse Line FASTRACK for obvious reasons! As for the one-week FASTRACKs, I believe it'll be overnight hours only...
  9. While I would've preferred the option that minimized the hike to monthly unlimited MCs (which I believe involved eliminating discounts), this plan's far better than the $125/mo plan...
  10. Hello, fellow NYCTFers! This is the biggest gallery I've posted to date - 60 pix in all!! Here are some previews: View the rest in my latest blog post and my partially updated 161st Street page!! ENJOY!!
  11. Holy crap, that's horrible! Glad to hear all the workers survived that ordeal!
  12. I see you beat me to the punch on the to Co-op City! ;-) BTW, great job Gorgor! EDIT: Here's a sample 2nd Ave Line FIND (yes, I know it's foam...heh.) To Gorgor: it appears some of the ADA symbols are slightly off...
  13. I agree; given Sandy's severity (and now Athena on top of it), MTA did a helluva job.
  14. Right now: intense flooding at 148-Lenox (from NY1). Holy crap! :-(
  15. This is bad. With MTA services shut down for a while, we're gonna take a huge economic hit after Sandy's done wreaking her havoc... :-( More importantly though, I share Princelex's sentiments - stay safe!
  16. Nice assortment of pix! Bleecker's coming along nicely; the widened IRT plats are a godsend.

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