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  1. I think one of the converted sets broke down yesterday. On the way home last night there was a disabled train on the local track at 69th street and it looks like a 72xx set sitting there.
  2. Yea, it's pretty nasty in the converted set. All the crap on the seats from running on the 4/5/6 is still there.
  3. Rode this set express to Times Square earlier today. Announcements and signs were working properly. It seems a lot of the employees don't know how to set the signs properly so they just shut them off.
  4. I'm sure once they figure out the problem, future conversion sets won't experience the same problems.
  5. 7 train is still having problems as of this morning. Wonder what happened to cause so many problems.
  6. Didn't that happen once before? Kid was walking around on the tracks and got hit. His parents turned around and sued the MTA for negligence.
  7. They're both at Corona yard. First time I saw both of them sitting outside.
  8. It's the LED lighting inside the car compared to the tube lights in the converted cars.
  9. Already on youtube (not my video):
  10. There is definitely a set laid up at Corona. Spotted it on my way home tonight. Unfortunately did not catch the set number.
  11. Didn't see anything out in the yard on the way home today.
  12. Are they starting to add the driver security doors to existing buses? Rode 227 today and it had the door installed.
  13. From the NYCTSubwayScoop twitter: http://twitpic.com/957fr8.
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