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  1. Hey Ramos good luck on the interview. Hey I am just curious are u with a city agency or new york city transit???
  2. Yes I am in my first month of training. Training is going good. Very intense lots of studying.
  3. Hey AC I know it can be nerve racking but it is just a waiting game. Everyone situation can be different. I got a call back two days after my interview. Someone in my class waited three months after her interview.
  4. Not at all. new york city transit employee are not either.
  5. I just would like to say to jay hope u don't mind the advice. I would just move up to mechanic and then you can decide if u want to switch. Everyone have their own opinions as to which one is better. I can tell you from experience helper on the TA side and I am only speaking for the TA side there is not much OT for helpers. I worked East New York Depot, Flatbush, Grand Ave CMF and Depot. Most of the OT normally offered was for sweeping. I am a bus maintainer now and it is a much better job with much more opportunity for OT. Remember MTA bus OA and TA they are all under MTA they all have there goods and bads they are all better than jobs on the outside.
  6. Hey jay even tho you are confident that you will pass the urine analysis it is done at a third party site I doubt that your results from the urine will come back the next day. Just relax if you pass everything with flying colors hr will contact u with your start date. just remember there might be other people they are processing .
  7. Hey jay anything is possible but after your pat and medical. You would normally receive a call from hr for your official job offer which should be a 212 number not a blocked number.
  8. Congrats hell boy. No you keep all your AVAs, VAC, and sick. As you already know you just lose seniority. All u are doing is switching titles within TA.
  9. Loudiam


    I have to ask the same as noflex what title. I work on the maintenance side of the TA and there are many differences in reference to work rules compared to Oa and mta bus.
  10. The test for maintainer helper is definitely a written test.
  11. jmazz is correct on the OA side you have cleaner helper, helper maintainer, chassis maintainer. TA is cleaner, maintainer helper group B and Bus maintainer group A and B.
  12. Congrats BROOKLYN I am scheduled for the physical myself. You are on your way dude good luck.
  13. Hey will that is funny you posted that because I applied for amtrak also and I was called for several interviews for conductor, laborer, and machinist and they said the same thing if I was to leave to work for amtrak if transit called me would i go back. I started working for transit as a provisional i am permanent now but at the time I was provisional.
  14. I definitely agree with LIRR154. The reason I say that because I applied for both LIRR and MNRR before for many years before I worked for Transit. I never got a invite for an exam until I started working for transit.
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