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  1. http://btx.1g.fi/kuvat/Vehicles/GMC+RTS+II/IMG_6751_2.jpg What is "Touch bar"?
  2. http://btx.1g.fi/kuvat/Vehicles/GMC+RTS+II/IMG_6765_2.jpg This type of RTS doors I know how to they work(similar mechanism that european and scandinavian buses have), I have RTS-book and there's shown other types of doors.
  3. I have a small project and need to know how the front- and reardoors work. Does anybody have videos of doors opening/closing; especially reardoors? I didn't find any of from Youtube? And also what kind of drivers microphone is in RTS and photo of Next Stop/Stop Request-sign. Thanks in advance Bt
  4. I'm new member here but here's small gallery of models that I have in my collections. Mostly H0-scale but also one 0-loco and two to scale 1:29. Modelgallery
  5. Bt82


    I'm 26 year old bus driver from Finland and always been interested about New Yorks transit and it's equipment; subways, local trains and buses. I have hobbies that includes modeling(buses and subways), filming, photography and preserving an old bus. I hope that I can get helpful information from this forum to my model projects. Nice forum B) Thanks. Bt
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