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  1. I don't know why you would want to send service up one of the least used lines in the system. The Ideal routing should be along the congestion 3rd Avenue corridor which has seem rapid redevelopment in recent years.
  2. Sorry for the yearly bump , but I can say that while i'm flattered it wasn't me who came up with Rethinknyc. I was one of the many people picking it apart, which they have since to their credit mostly addressed although still leaving a few big ones mainly on the NJ side. I mainly comment on Reddit & Skyscrapercity now but I sometimes check this site. I do support through running but it needs to be done correctly and on a larger regional scale like the RER in Paris or S-bahn's of Germany. There are an estimated 250,000 commuters who live in NJ and work in the outer boros mainly Queens & Brooklyn and the vast majority of those carpool to work believe it or not. The current Rethinknyc route doesn't really address this and has some questionable duplicates on the NJ side when it comes to LRT. Most of which is not possible due to ROW constraints or would better be serviced by bumping up the existing train service along said corridor which is usually just one train per hour. There are severe overcrowding issues in the Urban Jersey bus divisions but neither Rethinknyc or the RPA address this nor do they address the various suburban transit deserts. Its really just a pipe dream , decking over or filling in the East River to expand LGA is probably one of the worst ideas ive ever heard and the fact that the glossy graphics have some of my environmental gobbled up it or overlooked it disturbs me.
  3. 2 More tracks will be restored when the Penn Station access for the New Haven line is restored. They ripped out 2 of the 4 tracks from New Rochelle to Hell Gate Bridge.... Freight would get 1 track.....
  4. I figured from your name and avatar....I guess ur a fox.

  5. I'm curious are you into Furry Fandom?

  6. Yes , ive noticed...the trail of foam is very easy to see.

  7. Oh hi. notice I've been fanning in NJ lately? lol.

  8. Wassup , how r u?

  9. My Communication skills used to be horrible but i managed to fix that over time with frequent visits to Urban Jersey and NY.

  10. Yup...cept I don't have it too bad. My communication skills are horrible tho.

  11. So your an Aspie to eh?

  12. Do you mean the Double Decker M9's?

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