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  1. I don't know why you would want to send service up one of the least used lines in the system. The Ideal routing should be along the congestion 3rd Avenue corridor which has seem rapid redevelopment in recent years.
  2. Sorry for the yearly bump , but I can say that while i'm flattered it wasn't me who came up with Rethinknyc. I was one of the many people picking it apart, which they have since to their credit mostly addressed although still leaving a few big ones mainly on the NJ side. I mainly comment on Reddit & Skyscrapercity now but I sometimes check this site. I do support through running but it needs to be done correctly and on a larger regional scale like the RER in Paris or S-bahn's of Germany. There are an estimated 250,000 commuters who live in NJ and work in the outer boros mainly Queens & Brooklyn and the vast majority of those carpool to work believe it or not. The current Rethinknyc route doesn't really address this and has some questionable duplicates on the NJ side when it comes to LRT. Most of which is not possible due to ROW constraints or would better be serviced by bumping up the existing train service along said corridor which is usually just one train per hour. There are severe overcrowding issues in the Urban Jersey bus divisions but neither Rethinknyc or the RPA address this nor do they address the various suburban transit deserts. Its really just a pipe dream , decking over or filling in the East River to expand LGA is probably one of the worst ideas ive ever heard and the fact that the glossy graphics have some of my environmental gobbled up it or overlooked it disturbs me.
  3. The Onion often points out Society's wrongs in a satirical way , there have been some companies that have and will do ads like this....you should take offense with that and not the Onion which lately has been right on target with all there jokes and dark humor...
  4. It does , the line branches off the Main Line...it would be faster with the LIRR then the Subway. LIRR is ready to go , Subway would require tunneling and would be expensive.
  5. My New Realigned Regional Connector .... https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=215312482559953359515.000496c9cdea77cff2ae1&msa=0&ll=40.750378,-73.916702&spn=0.351117,0.837021 Regional Connector Hillburn East Suffern Airmont Nanuet West Nyack South Nyack Tarrytown East Elmsford White Plains Central East White Plains Purchase Rye Harrison ​Mamaroneck Larchmont New Rochelle South Rochelle Orchard Beach-City Island Co-Op City Morris Park Parkchester Hunt's Point Northern Boulvard - Woodside Queens Boulevard - Elmhurst Ridgewood East New York Canarsie Flatbush Ave Ocean Parkway Bay Ridge St. George Bayonne Port Elizabeth Midtown Elizabeth Elmora Cranford Garwood Westfield Fanwood Netherwood Plainfield Dunellen Bound Brook Raritan Northern Connector Western Link Hillburn East Suffern Airmont Nanuet West Nyack South Nyack Tarrytown East Elmsford White Plains Transit East White Plains Purchase Rye Harrison ​Mamaroneck Larchmont New Rochelle South Rochelle Orchard Beach-City Island Co-Op City Morris Park Parkchester Hunt's Point Northern Boulvard - Woodside Queens Boulevard - Elmhurst Forest Hills Kew Gardens Jamaica
  6. Suffolk is getting DMU trains for the Montuak and Greenport Branches , Service will be Bi-directional every hour. Light Rail badly needed in Nassau , Queens and Brooklyn but Suffolk doesn't need it.
  7. We elevated our substations , the Gateway Project will upgrade the rest of the network , the Interchanges , Tunnels , and Bridges will be replaced and made resilient to Storm surges and winds. I doubt people in NJ would want to pay MTA taxes that will not go over well , we can't even raise our gas tax for NJT or General Transportation. I agree with you that bloomberg is padding the Hudson Yard developers , Amtrak recommended that the 7 be extended into Penn Station South which is only a few thousand feet from the end of the line...the Gateway would take care of the rest.
  8. I don't know but its rather strange after bashing us for decades....aside from trade and some economic issues the 2 states need to work on separate plans that benefit each state as a whole....
  9. Build the Dam Gateway , modernize the PATH and thats all you need to do with NYC-NJ. This project is really just an expensive bandaid that mainly benefits developers in a small section of NJ and doesn’t fix the crumbling NEC from Newark to New York which has already had a derailment and multiple bridge issues since the early 90s….the tunnels have cracks in them and need to be closed for a year and overhauled. Aside from those issues ive noticed every time New Jersey or New York has proposed beefing up a New York-New Jersey Rail service a NJ Rail Projects either gets placed in the back of the line or canceled , the Newark , Jersey City Light Rail networks are only 40% built out , Paterson never received its Network , Trenton never got its extensions , alot of the projects were placed on hold due to funding and resources directed at the ARC. I think with this project that will happen all over again , and NJ is really starting to suffer… The LRT Networks were supposed to be fully built out by now and the next thing to do state wise was restore the Regional Rail and integrate it into the LRT network then add in infill stations. Most New Jerseyites would rather see billions poured into a NJ system and yes while the bulk of North Jerseyites work in NYC , we should not neglect the rest of the states working centers like Newark which after decades of rot is booming once again or Paterson and Elizabeth which are slowly getting back on their feet… I think you’ll find more support for expanding those networks then anything touching New York which is where you’ll you run into public relation issues…. Aside from those other issues I don’t like encouraging building in Secaucus , I know all the lines meet their but its surrounded by Marshland which flooded with 6-8ft of water from Sandy , that whole area should really be left alone….same with Xanadu which is a tax payer boondoggle that everybody hates….it will never be successful…the region is over soaked with malls so while some of you will suggesting eventually extending to Xanadu will give its finally kick it won’t. Their are a few suggesting that already. Theres also the other issue of what happens once the Hudson Yards is eventually completed in 2040? That somewhat nice ride will become another Lexington Ave style nightmare….without the relief of express tracks. I would like to see Phase 2 and 3 of SAS completed , the 7 line extended to Bayside , Nostrand Ave line extended to Madison or Marine Park , The R train to Staten Island , a Staten Island Light Rail Network , a Brooklyn and Queens Light Rail Network , the Triboro RX/Regional Connector , Rockaway Beach LIRR line , Fulton Street Regional Rail Terminal for MNRR , LIRR and NJT , E Train to St. Albans ,(8)Train to Throgs Neck , 7 Branch to Whitestone , L Train to 10th, I would like to see all of those before you construct a silly 7 extension to Jersey.
  10. Cities in Motion 2 (CIM2) is the sequel to the popular mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion. Build, manage and lead your transportation network to provide cities with their ever changing needs. CIM2 introduces new features including multiplayer game modes, day and night cycles, timetables and dynamic cities. Building the transportation network will directly affect how the city grows. Affordable transportation brings middle class housing and work places, while more expensive and exotic choices bring high end businesses. Take advantage of many different types of vehicles including buses, trams, ferries and more. Build alone or play cooperatively with a friend. Use the newly implemented bus lanes to build efficient traffic free roadways. Tackle rush hour by managing transportation timetables and meeting the needs of the citizens. Features Dynamic cities Player’s choices effect city growth Day and night cycle Manage the timetables Multiplayer with both co-operative and competitive modes Campaign and sandbox modes Might be worth a purchase after the Sim City debacle
  11. This game is a laughable , bugged disasters.....it was rushed and they took out things that made Sim City a fun playable game like Terraforming and large cities. EA has been caught in Lie , after lie,,,,
  12. There are a few landfill parks in Urban Jersey , one is in Bayonne , and then there are the Meadowlands which are being cleaned up. They seal the trash in and cap it with clay and then soil so it leak and contaminate the ground water or nearby ecosystem. There are several large swaths of Urban Jersey that will be reclaimed this way including a New waterfront park in Jersey City and the Passaic Riverfront from Paterson to Newark.
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