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  1. I got this email from the exam unit after I send them an email. "For Bus Operator, Exam # 9309, the Employee Center has called up to list number 524. For further information, please contact the Employment Center at employmentcenter@nyct.com." So they have called up to 524 from exam 9309, not bad at all.
  2. Can you share your estimate list number?
  3. Ok I get it, exam 9309 MTA bus company is not civil service, I'm saying it looks like they started calling then for this exam according to that post.
  4. Nycatracho on Dec 15 posted he got his pre employment package for exam 9309,I was exited they started on this exam since I am in that list number, however I haven't gotten anything or heard anything when I call dcas. I dont know what to say bout that maybe it was an error or if in fact they started as well.
  5. Nice, Did you hear anything back from them?
  6. I hear you, hopefully after this pandemic and the city starts to get back to the norm we hear something.
  7. @Lawrence St any updates on Sirtoa on your end?
  8. Mine still says "pass pre screening ", I'm not sure if anyone has been called.
  9. Hello, has anyone else taken Path Locomotive Engineer Trainee/Extra Engineer Switchman (EES) exam given in December 2019? After having a passing score, On February I was invited to participate on the Performance and Oral Test evaluation process at Harrison yard. I got an e-mail on March that I passed all 3 phases and that my name will be added to a database of qualified candidates for PATH extra engineer switching positions and be eligible for consideration for a period of one year as vacancies occur. Anyone else in the same process?
  10. Has anyone gotten any news yet on exam BO 9309?
  11. The next MTA conductor Exam is 5617 open for file on jun3, 2015 to jun23, 2015

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