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  1. I caught 9183-9187 on the E on June 30. I boarded the last car and did not see the #'s on the lead set. I thought 9193 was first Kawasaki car assigned to Jamaica giving a 540/750 split between CI and Jam on the 5 car set 160's since 9143-9192 went back to CI some years ago. Any reason for the change? Slightly related, how many sets of 68's if any run on the N/Q. I saw 1 set running some time back from the street in the AM rush. With 540 160's, there should be no need for 68's on the N/Q
  2. Why would a bus that has been running for about 18.5 years get a repaint? Won't all of these 96 RTS's buses by gone within the next 12 months?
  3. I believe the 6 may have had 460 R 142A's (the 4 train having the other 140 or 150 cars) prior to the first sets being converted meaning 9 train sets of 142A's should run once all conversions are done.
  4. 370 (7211-7580) R142A's will be converted. Prior to conversion, the 6 line had 450 R142's for service so after conversion is complete, there should still be 8 train sets of R142's on the 6.
  5. Any idea where freshly painted 6324 will end up as an MTA Bus?
  6. FYI I did see from my living room window an empty R188 consist heading Flushing bound from Queensboro Plaza one weekday last week just after 11:45 AM. I could not see the #'s to determine if it was a converted R142A plus R188 or all new R188 consist.
  7. Michael Jackson's "Gone to Soon" in the back of my mind as I watch the video and look at the photos - especially in the case of the CNG which were scrapped in mass in early 2012. Question about scrapping of MCI's. Wouldn't express buses have lower mileage and be in better condition from seeing more highway and less stop and go mileage? The old NY Bus service ran 22-23 year old Fishbowls before the MTA takeover in 2005. So why do so many MCI's get scrapped after just 12-14 years of service. An LGA r outegoes right past my place and I watch a parade of 17++ year old RTS go past every day. I understand the tank issue with the CNG's but cannot figure out the early scrapping of MCI's.
  8. I see the suburban seating on the interior shot. I thought all CNG's had their seats converted after the MTA takeover. Obviously I was wrong.
  9. I have not been on this website for awhile so please don't pounce if this is old news but I rode an R62A #6 downtown this evening around 5:30. 1741-1745 and 2141-2145 I believe. Are there more R62A's currently in service on the 6. Everything else I saw today was R142A
  10. Saw 9844 on the Q10 this afternoon and possibly on the Q60 this morning. I am not an expert so please don't consider this a dumb question but how do these buses get "gassed" up if JFK and LGA do not have the capability. Are they returned to CP st the end of each day?
  11. Thx for the info. Just saw 9871 running on the 39 this evening - the distinctive sound of 05 CNG's. I thought all of LGA's CNG stations were taken down. Obviously not.
  12. I looked out my window this morning shortly before 9AM in Long Island City and saw CNG05 99xx running down Thomson Avenue on the Q39. The designation on the back of the bus clearly said Q39 but I could not get the full number. The bus must have gone out of rush hour service at Queens Plaza as it did not make a return trip to Ridgewood. All other buses running on the Q39 today are LGA buses. Is CP supplying some buses for LGA routes or has LGA taken a few CNG05's which I did not think was now possible.
  13. I rode the L train on Sunday evening for the first time in sometime and was sorry to see how poorly the interior of the nearly empty R143 car (81XX) looked. Most of the metal strips around the door wells had scratchiti and the floor was ripping in several spots. I realize all of the first of the NTT's (R142's, R142A's and R143's) are now more than 10 years old with the exception of the last 80 R142A's and perhaps some 1200 R142's, but I find the R142A's and especially the R142's - love my Bombardier trains - appear to be in much better condition than the R143's. Coney Island R160 Kawasaki cars - about 6 years newer at 5 years of age on average - are in top shape on the N and Q lines. Is there a program planned for the R142-3 cars as they have passed double digits to maintain the appearance of the interiors. The R143 on Sunday brought back memories of when I first strated riding the subway in the early/mid 70's and the various R30's - then some 10 years old - looked pretty bad. I thought the 70's were a thing of the past for the MTA. Does ENY do a poor job of maintaining equipment? As a regular rider of the Queens Blvd line, I find the interiors of the E R160's look much better than the interiors of the M R160's. Granted the E R160's are some 1 1/2 years or so newer on average (aside from 9943-9974) but the difference is notable. The only thing I will see for ENY R160's is that the exteriors appear to be cleaned more frequently than Jamaica R160's
  14. Back in Feb I saw an R42 (not in passenger service) at the Forest Hills Bound local platform at Roosevelt Ave around 11:15 AM. The side rollsigns were rolled 1/2way up but the Z was still partly visible. I had just stepped off a Jamaica bound E and was in a rush to catch the 7 to Main St so could not stay around. I assume the train was headed to Jamaica yard for some work. The train was certainly not running as an M. I have been a regular E and M rider and have never noticed anything but R160's on the M since service to Forest Hills began in June 2010. The rusty topped R42 looked out of place at Jackson Heights where most trains passing through are R160's along with the R46 R trains. People on the platform seemed to gasp looking at the rusted train with scratched windows which Queens Blvd riders are not used to.
  15. I know the last 10 cars (4141-4150) were delivered with a/c units. I recall riding in these cars back in the 70's going to school. Why then were the first 200 R40's delivered without a/c. Was there a problem with the a/c units on the R38's? Were some R40's delivered before 4141-4150 were delivered? As an aside, I preferred the 38's to the 32's. I rode the Queens Blvs line to school in the mid 70's. That line did not have 32's (nor did it have 42's) back then. I always thought of 32's and 42's as BMT cars as a result. Queens Blvd line back then had 38's, 40's (slants and nonslants) 44's and then started to receive the 46's during my 2nd year of high school. There was also the older equipment (R16's for the EE and GG) and some R9 or earlier cars. I am not as familiar with pre R32 models.
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