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St Louis Car 09

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  1. Slowly coming back to NYCTF

  2. Thanks guys for the happy birthday:)

  3. I`ll be there 2morrow at the stamford station at 3

  4. Hey welcome.Are you the same deaks from this other site i use to be on?I think it was the other side of the tracks or something.

  5. Dude thanks for the friend request

  6. Hey thanks for the friend request.I accepted ya!!!

  7. Ty thanks for the request.I added ya!!

  8. I use to be a New Yorker,but im a new yorker at heart.I been a transit fan since I was 4,study intensively on engineering and transit history among many other things.

  9. Hey Mark I added ya,Thanks for the request.

  10. Thanks for the friend request.I appriciate it

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