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  1. pelhamlocal

    Trainz Sim NYCTA Pics

    Anyone know where i can get those subway stations and track? Thanks
  2. pelhamlocal

    Let it Snow! Part 3: R32 & R68 A trains

    Thanx and yeah i was waiting for the r68
  3. Wasn't expecting to catch this at all! that's all folks
  4. Well, well, well, look what we have here didn't even have to try Then this really caught me off guard! Enjoy! Part 3 including more 29xx cars is coming next!
  5. A completely different set a panorama now for the vids part 2 is coming soon! enjoy!
  6. pelhamlocal

    Union Square and Grand Central Action Part II

    Thanx, and im not sure
  7. Part II sorry for crap camera work on this next one and a view of tracks 30-27 Thats all for now, enjoy....
  8. Union Square Part II to follow shortly
  9. pelhamlocal

    How do i post a video from youtube?

    How do i post a video from youtube here, and not just a url? Thanx
  10. pelhamlocal

    New Station at Elmhurst

    interesting, im kind of surprised that they want to start adding new stations, while this far into the game
  11. pelhamlocal

    Bad News for (7) Line Fans...

    I knew the elevator was having problems back at the factory, but 5 months damn..... well thats the mta for ya


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