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  1. you are being called for a temporary position because they need guys to do the job. Once you take the test and pass the test you will be put on a list. Once they start calling people from that list they will make you permanent. The reason they are calling you for the temporary position is because you had a strong resume. In the meantime all the time you accrue as a temporary employee will count towards your pension , vacation etc.
  2. what do you want to know about the practical? Did you take the last one? If you are taking the next test, first there should be a written and if you pass that you go to a practical
  3. I also think that SIRTOA pays a lot less. Why would you want to make that move?
  4. it was a 3 year ridiculous ordeal that went nowhere.. I took the following test and was able to pass it. I would still appeal if I were you but do not expect anything and keep filing for future and present tests.
  5. They are calling from the current list. 3 guys from my barn are going during the week. Anyone else going down?
  6. go on to the chief.com and you can get your list number. You actualy should have a letter at your house with your score and possible list number, If you are going for the job as car inspector do not buy boots. They will supply boots for you. Just wear a pair of clean work pants and work boots or shoes on your first day of orientation. Car inspectors wear regular work pants to work of your own choosing.
  7. the new car inspector list is out for anyone who took the recent practical exam
  8. Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Agency
  9. The problem is they will not wait for you. If they need 25 guys for example and you cannot show up they will just take the next person. You could possibly be in the next class if there is a next class. Why dont you call them and tell them the situation.
  10. If the tickets are pending that means that you dont have a problem. Only the RCIs, really need to make sure they have a license. Just make sure you tell them about these on the questionaire if they ask.
  11. The Car Inspector job is up again as a provisional job. On NYCT website
  12. Journey is never over. You have to try again. I failed the test in 09 and then did very well on the before the last one. It is a good job and there is no reason to give up that easy. I hear that alot of people had trouble with the test and there might possibly be another one soon, In the meantime, transit always has openings for people in the mechanical trades. Just keeping looking at their website.
  13. It normally depends on how many people they need. For example if they have 300 provisionals working and then a list comes out with 400 people on it there is cause for concern. If they have 300 provisionals and the list comes out with 200 on it normally everyone is safe. This is just what i have seen and heard however and not a rule. You reall want to get permanent as soon as you can.
  14. congrats, when do you start? Permanent or provisional?
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