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  1. I'm guessing you took the GED. The way you write and your whiney attitude, you want everything handed to you. If they only hired people who got 1 wrong or less on the C/R and T/O test, the system would run a lot better. Someone who gets a GED can work there. What does that say about their standards? You couldn't finish high school, the easiest race you will ever have in your life to win, and you're trusted to move a train? Some of you actually studied for these tests and got multiple incorrect answers. Freaking amazing. Transit needs to have the standards the NYPD has in hiring. At least 2 years in the military or two years college. That would weed out a lot of you.
  2. Said by someone that got an 89 on the conductor promotional. That says it all. You already work for transit and got below a 90 and thought it was easy. Classic. Plus you tried to sexually harass me in private messages. You're lucky I don't file a grievance and have you fired. I don't have issues. I have standards, unlike NYCT for hiring and promoting you. It's people like you that make the subway run incorrectly, and screw it up for every other worker and passenger. It's because of people like you that a conductor has to ask the T/O if he or she has the proper lineup.
  3. That's not why. Conductor is an entry level position, but cleaners can promote to conductor. The reason there is no promotion to B/O is that it's not something anyone can do, and it involves agencies outside the MTA. You can become a conductor from cleaner and need nothing other than a passing grade. To be a bus driver, you have to have a clean driving record, and you have to have a CDL with passenger endorsement, (among other requirements) so the DMV and NYC laws get involved. That's ast least 2 other jurisdictions besides the MTA. It's no fluke that the B/O test is the hardest from the T/O, C/R, and B/O tests. Honestly, if you get more than 1 wrong on the T/O and C/R tests, you should be ashamed and not allowed to get the job or the promotion. If you get less than 5 wrong on the B/O test, you did very well. The B/O is like taking a test to get into Harvard. The T/O and C/R test are like taking the GED to put it very bluntly. The B/O has questions like what do you do if your bus skids. The T/O has questions like where is Hunter College which many of you got wrong.
  4. It would have no problem repeating the answers to the questions the customers keep repeating. Where is my transfer. Awwwk up the stairs. Where? Awwwk up the stairs.
  5. On behalf of the Parrots Anti Defamation League I do here by apologize for my comments made earlier that a parrot would need a special form to use a #2 pencil. I feel that apologizing at this time would be beneficial to me and all the parrots that I have offended. I am a better person for apologizing. I would also like to apologize for my comments saying a parrot could get at least a 90 on the conductor test. This is not true. A parrot can get at least a 97.61. I apologize again. I am truly very sorry and offer crackers as a bount1ful apology to my fine feathered friends. Some of my best friends are parrots and I have offended them as well.
  6. A parrot would get a special request form to be able to use something other than a #2 pencil.
  7. Not referring to you locomotion, just the other people that call the Dcas employees idiots. Some of you got below 90 on a conductor test. A test a parrot could have managed at least a 90. And you think some people at Dcas that don't want to be bothered by the same 3 questions asked 50 times a day, so they tell you anything to get rid of are idiots? Honestly, once some of you guys got the DCAS phone numbers, how many times did you call them in the first week? 3 or 4? Multiply that by 1000 people city wide and then wonder why they give you the wrong answer. They aren't there to answer the questions of obsessive compulsive people. They are there to work on what DCAS needs them to work on.
  8. Haven't you mentioned being an employee at DCAS?B)
  9. No, you are wrong wiseguy. It's published first then established. Call DCAS knucklehead. I outta belt you one for that.
  10. You're all wrong. The list is published now. When they open it for hiring, it will be established.
  11. I'm not going to continue this because you won't understand. When you're older you will. Good night.
  12. New rule. When you can spell job, you can work a job. lol. You can't even rent a car, and to be in charge of thousands of people's safety is ridiculous. Without driver's ed. You can't even get a license to drive a car for another year. There are reasons for age minimums. At 18, your body hasn't fully developed until you are 21. Operating a subway train as a conductor or a train operator should be mandatory 21 and up. You can talk about being politically correct all you want, but the moment you cause an injury (and you probably will) someone will say, "what idiot let that child control the train?" You should not be allowed to be a conductor at 18. That's just ridiculous.
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