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  1. Whereas a restriction against the filling of vacancies due to budgetary constraints has limited the number of Track Workers the New York City Transit Authority has been able to hire, the duration of an existing eligible list for Track Worker, based on exam no. 5016, has been extended to March 14, 2014. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services established the list in March 2009 and extended it by a year on Feb. 27, 2013. The list was held April 22-23, 2006. Good luck if you still on this list
  2. dont worry just get your papers to them in time so u can make this class so you dont have to wait no longer. i just started i was in the last class with kee and foams it was like 23 of us in the class i think this is the greatest job ever so just do what they say and be honest to them u will be here in no time
  3. ok nice what was ur list number and i guess monday i will be in orientation shouting out BEENIESFOAMS! just answer fast so i dont look like im crazy to everyone else lol
  4. i got called off this list i went to livingston for a drug test on the 29th of april then they called me back on the phone the next monday telling me to come down may 6 with the 20 page booklet filled out for my medical. they treated me like a lab rat for most of the day then the doctor cleared me and i went over to the interviewer who then swore me in, tell me when is my start date, then sent me for fingerprint and photo. she allso said when i show up on may 16 i will get my free metro card id just in time i can park my car because gas is just too dam high. thanks for the info everyone :tup: o and my list number was in the 860's
  5. hey trick if u got the number can u pm it to me also thank u. oh and the list just moved again the last appointed was 796 im in the 860's hope they didnt skip me
  6. lol good luck im on this list also can u keep me updated please. and how did they contact u by phone or mail?
  7. i am on this list also i just called dcas and it said the list will terminate march 14 2013 so i guess they wont be coming out with any more test until then. last appointed was 796 and the list has 7,920 eligible.
  8. everyone like this page on face book so we can get some type of attention to this hiring freeze and why it should be lifted. like this page on face book. (Tell Mayor Bloomberg to Lift the Citywide Hiring Freeze) and suggest it to all ur friends
  9. yea i heard the same thing on the auto system also well hope its not an error because im waiting on that job also good luck.
  10. hey thank you very much please keep us up to date with things
  11. this list just moved again 748 is the last appointed i hope it moves again im still unemployed and this job seems to be my only hope at the moment does any one know how much ppl they would take for each class if they start calling again?
  12. thanks for the info i hope they get to my number also im in the 850's pls keep me updated thanks
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