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  1. Yeah they're basically "shuttles" on the weekends. I'm on the 68 this pick...
  2. It's gonna a rough transition but we'll figure something out.
  3. Oops, forgot to add 255. Drove that one back in February
  4. 351, 420, 431, 434 all have screens and announcements - Version 2
  5. The number of people who have smartphones but don't use them to see what's coming down the line is astounding. "I've been waiting an hour for the bus!" "What's going on with the buses?!"
  6. The reason is something the general public would not easily comprehend. But, if I could possibly provide some input on that situation, there's a fair bit of open runs every day that don't have operators to cover them. Seeing how that was for Sunday, the B37 isn't a very frequent line and there aren't many stand-alone runs for it on weekends, most B37 trips are interlined with either the B63 or B70 instead.
  7. Service is already at peak now that we are back to normal schedules. Social distancing is a must on the buses.
  8. Vision Zero, speed cameras, reduced speed limits, intentionally mis-timed lights may have something to do with all that...
  9. Not uncommon for someone who drives/works in a borough that isn't the one they live in. I might not know all the connections out in Brooklyn but I'm always learning something new!
  10. There are some intersections here that give priority to bus traffic in order to jump ahead.
  11. Totally agree with this. Most people don't think before they go all up in arms about a bus not showing up or being late in general. Most people don't ride a bus from one end to the other. Most won't see where problematic areas are, or they won't know about that car crash that's got a particular intersection jacked up. Buses are always going to be late. Sometimes there isn't a driver to cover a run if someone has to call out. It happens. Yes, people are going to wait double the headway (or even longer as I've experienced during the worst of this pandemic- you see some real angry people.) for a bus, and they won't care but to tell you that they've waited X amount of minutes for a bus.
  12. Traffic/police haven't been enforcing violators of No Parking/No Standing zones as of late...
  13. B61 buses were told to terminate at Pier 6 since you left that one out.
  14. As they tell us at Zerega: "You're just paid to move the bus. That farebox shouldn't be your concern. Hit F5, let 'em ride"
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