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  1. When I was line training, one of the operators gave me a pretty nice tip for dealing with things like hydrants in a bus stop- make sure the object is between your front and rear pivot point. That way when you pull off, you won't have to concern yourself with the tail swing when you pull off. For an artic, if you can, try to keep the object at or just behind the bellows and between the rear tires if possible.
  2. Ah, a fellow Gleason op! Trust me when I say it was rougher before the pandemic and things were running as usual. I've had to call an ambulance on a homeless person, had to deal with a guy who blocked my bus cause he missed the stop all in my first year. I still can't believe I survived the last 7 months of probation on that B43. You may or may not get a third ride, I got my first ride 3 months in to the date and my second during my eighth month. I was on the lookout during my eleventh month and before I knew it I'm signing the last evaluation form. Just watch yourself as usual.
  3. While not necessary to ring the bell at the last stop, it's standard operating procedure for bus operators to check our buses at each terminal... We get in trouble if we wind up bringing people into the depot on the bus and they get left behind unannounced... You know, safety hazard and all that.
  4. You're probably talking about the fan belts when they loosen up
  5. 67 runs total on the weekdays! Also, at times there's not even enough artics available to give out due to some of them being OOS for maintenance. There's been cases where 40-footers have gone out or drivers are stuck waiting for someone to pull in with an artic. I've pulled in from runs only to have the bus I just used pulled right back out!
  6. Most of the newer Allison transmissions have the dynamic shift scheduling/economy mode on and it does screw with the shift patterns. Although the majority of our buses are capped at 40 MPH, the normal shift pattern does not go into 6th gear, instead staying at 5th. At 40 MPH in 6th gear it makes the bus a little harder to stop, plus any inclines will screw with the acceleration when the vehicle does lose speed, so it's best to keep in 4/5th gear to have a little more control. Hell, I do it with our C40s, I usually limit them to 5th gear on dry pavement and drop it to 3/4th in worsening conditions
  7. As someone with some experience with the artics, they're really not that hard to get the hang out. It may be a little harrowing but the day I trained on them I found them pretty fun to drive actually. Keep in mind that you're driving the front portion. Even though the trailer has the powered wheels, your center wheel should be your reference point. Just watch the trailer section as it follows your rear tires and adjust if needed! https://youtu.be/GACRvYI4bOQ Watch how this bus exits the stand and how the trailer follows the middle wheels!
  8. Ask Texas what happened when they deregulated their power grid
  9. They've put out some of the proposed scheduling changes for the spring pick but it pissed off a lot of the senior operators. They've gone back to the drawing board and there should be some changes made by the 26th.
  10. Last incident I had to deal with was two customers who got into it because one had her mask down to drink something and the other called her out on it, and it escalated from there, this was back in like September/October. People.
  11. More like seeing the general superintendent the next day to explain it...
  12. Yeah we are told 20 MPH is the max. It's to prevent damage to the chains/tires and road surface
  13. We can still feel the chains on the rear wheels during movement, I don't like getting buses with chains.
  14. Not all the C40s are outfitted with announcements, 448-490 are still without as well as 659-672 at Gleason. It's a toss-up if they'll even get around to retrofitting those but the Luminator system is pretty nice. The Vianova units in our buses are a close second when it comes to announcements. Clever Devices I'm not a fan of.

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