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  1. From the numerous times I've seen buses laid over on Throop or Flushing Ave doing runs on the B43 I'd assume there was lot of bunching/cutting trips short!
  2. I hope you're aware that our XN40s already travel below the Q on Brighton Beach Boulevard by means of the B68...
  3. Yeah, didn't see it on the most recent list above, if so, my bad! 361 does have them, so does 367.
  4. The best part is having someone board your bus, tell you they don't have the fare AND there's a subway station at your terminal. Like really?
  5. If you ask me, they're trimming the fat in all the wrong places...
  6. Usually when they put out the extra list assignments up on the board they'll sometimes have operators who are "Riding lines" for that day.
  7. 425 has them, 448-490 don't have anything as far as on-board systems go (yet), and neither do 659-672.
  8. You most likely saw me with it that day... I relieved the driver very late (sick customer) so I had to deadhead to the other end!
  9. Usually the announcements are programmed to say whatever is on the bus stop sign, but there are a few that have been moved and haven't been updated. On the B16 going to Bay Ridge the bus announces "86th Street/Narrows Avenue" when the actual stop is at the corner of 86th Street and Shore Road. Temporary bus stops also have this issue, they'll trigger earlier or later than usual. On the 43 for India Street going towards Prospect Park, the bus announces that the next stop is Greenpoint Avenue while at the temporary India Street stop.
  10. That's the issue with the diesel/CNG artics in snow- the powered rear axle is on the "trailer" section which is pushing the entire vehicle. Another fun fact, there are hydraulics in the joints to help the bus stay straight when moving! If the center axles were powered like the electrics, the bus would do just fine in harsh weather conditions.
  11. Add 247 on the list for version 2. Forgot to mention it from last week.
  12. Depends on how well the operators know the route/adjust to the schedule timings. I don't know how depots handle route swaps but it takes a little more than knowing the left/rights to be entirely familiar with any route in general.
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