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  1. I hated riding the suburbans from QCC some days. The buses weren't meant to handle so much people. Getting off was a chore if you were seated far from the doors. I would avoid them if the crowd going to Flushing was big...
  2. It's LIKELY but when I was fitted I got my shipment in batches since certain items were not in stock. Everything was the right size but I didn't get the right caps.
  3. You usually go to Jamaica Depot for the Nova/Xcelsior training. I wonder what they'll be doing differently. Keep us posted!
  4. Here at Gleason they've already thrown on the chains for the buses since a majority of them went out on the L shuttles this weekend.
  5. There is one run on the B9 that does a partial trip on the B1 in the morning.
  6. Great post! The superintendent in the driving videos was my instructor during my training! Great guy! The first turn we referred to as the "Taco Bell" turn. Very easy to get caught up there if you're not well versed in acute turns!
  7. You just put down "unemployed/living with parents or family" whatever reason or what you were doing during the gaps you weren't working.
  8. They up the speed limit on buses that are going into Long Island for servicing.
  9. All local buses are capped at 40 MPH (yikes).
  10. Ulmer Park has the B1, B3, B6, B36, B64, B74 and the express routes: X27/28 and the X37/38. Not too versed on their lines but always pay attention to what the operator you are assigned to tells you about the line you train on. Ulmer Park also does some school trips that involve runs on the B9 (usually not the entire route), which is based out of Gleason.
  11. Vision Zero is a big reason for the lights being out of sync. Either that or they plaster a street with red light cameras or speed cameras provided there's a school within a quarter-mile radius. While the point of that entire initiative was to reduce traffic deaths and traffic overall, it also causes a lot of other things to suffer. Most folks aren't going to take not driving sitting down. I would love NOT to drive my car all the time but because of where I currently live and the only method of getting anywhere is one bus that doesn't even run 24 hours, I'm assed out.
  12. After my 10 days I was just given a random run each day with each line, different driver and drove every route until graduation when I got my badge. Hmm... Guess they don't do that everywhere?
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