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  1. Believe those locomotives are being built by what was AdTrans, which is now Bombardier
  2. What's the big deal? Do you not have an answer? Never saw the answer if as you imply, it's be discussed to death. Notice many of the buses have the new official license plate (gold and blue) which would indicate a change in ownership-registration (MTA to Nassau County) while others still have the old official plate (white and blue) which would indicate MTA still owns them but that is just my guesstimate.
  3. Regarding the last order of buses before NICE's creation (believe the 1700 and 1800 series), is the MTA retaining ownership and leasing them to Nassau County, were the sold to Nassau County. Never did hear the final outcome of that.
  4. LIRR has had 24/7 service for years. Metro-North could use a 3:00AM train on the weekend on each line. Yes, it probably would be a "vomit comet" but it is really needed. What about the LIRR trains at these hours. Don't they see their share of "vomit comets"?
  5. Just checked many photos of the bridge and indeed it's a double tracked bridge with one track removed.
  6. Re the folks talking about the swing bridge at Sputen Duyvil, if my memory serves me correctly, that bridge was originally a double tracked bridge and believe in the 1960's one track was removed. This was originally a freight and passenger bridge (passenger service terminated sometime in the 1930's).
  7. Didn't know this was discussed ad nauseum. Read that the Orion-VII's were titled to the MTA and not Nassau County. That creates a legal issue to wit the MTA is the owner of the buses. That's why I asked the question. Has that issue been resolved?
  8. Just want to ask. What buses will Veolia use? Some of those buses belong to the MTA. Are the drivers going to be retained?
  9. A PAPD police officer would have the authority to arrest the fare beater. Fare beating is theft of services which is defined in the NYS Penal Law. A police officer in NYS is a police officer everywhere in NYS, except for local traffic violations. Would the PAPD officer have intervened, I highly doubt it.
  10. A PAPD police officer would have the authority to arrest the fare beater. Fare beating is theft of services which is defined in the NYS Penal Law. A police officer in NYS is a police officer everywhere in NYS, except for local traffic violations. Would the PAPD officer have intervened, I highly doubt it.
  11. Yes, the bus operator crashed into the pole and should be held accountable for that but I'm sure as others have said those poles probably were dry rotted. A number of years ago, I was in Rockland County. It was the day before ConEd took control of Orange and Rockland Utilities and everywhere we went there were O&R crews working like mad men. I asked one of the crews what was going on and to paraphrase, they said that the next day ConEd was taking over and there would no longer be any preventative maintenance. A few years ago shortly after Christmas we had a terrible ice and snow storm. A tree came down over a pole and knocked out our electric service. We had no electricity for 3 days and of course no heat. It took ConEd nearly3 months to actually replace the downed pole. They ginnied up some makeshift stuff in the mean time. So don't tell me about ConEd (emphasis on the Con).
  12. City taxes, nothing. Anyone who buys anything in the area serviced by the MTA pays a 1/4 percent additional sales tax. Anyone who buys any taxable item in NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland and Orange counties pays this tax. This means anyone, whether they live in New York State, New Jersey or Connecticut. Addtionally, people who don't live in these areas but who use the system pay a fare to ride the trains. People who come to New York use services of the city and state and do not pay income tax but yet are provided with the service. NYC Police or NYC FD don't inquire of a person where they live to see if they can provide service to them. I'm sure NY will try to pony up some money from NJ for the service in much the same manner that CT pays the MTA for operating and maintaining the Metro-North lines in that state.
  13. There is nothing to prevent NYC TA from going into another county or state, requisite legal steps of course need to be taken. The New York subways were built by 2 private companies (the IRT and BMT) and the third system by the city of New York (the IND). The only reason they did not go into other counties was when they were created, there was no reason to go beyond the NYC borders. It is now the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, with emphasis of Metropolitan. Boston's subway just to name one goes into neighboring counties. The original system stayed within the city but as the region grew the system went out of the city. I will agree that the monies could be better spent on projects in NYC but that's another issue; politics. The other issue is how quickly can the MTA build the line. It took Metro-North 5 years to rebuild (tracks already there) 5 miles of the Harlem Line from Dover Plains to Wassaic. Railroaders years ago used to lay down a mile of track a day. Now its 1 mile a year on an established right of way.
  14. There is no legal reason why NYCTA can't go to NJ. If there is a PATH issue, do a crew change at the new 11th Avenue-Javits Center. Do we need this line, of course not but these politicians are thinking of a way around the ARC tunnel problem. As far as those of you who think Gov Christie should be removed, think again. He was right to turn down the remainder of the project without knowing what the costs and cost overruns were going to be. Is the ARC tunnel needed, of course it is but to ask someone to commit to a project without knowing the cost, is rediculous. Imagine you go to buy a house and you're told it's going to cost you $500,000 and then you're told but the cost may actually go up to $700,000 before it's done and perhaps even more. Wouldn't you think twice before proceeding with the project?
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