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  1. hay locomotion69 it's not as bad its actually a very good job,but you need to have a lot of patience with the passengers and the crazy drivers.and never take anything personal once your shift is over just forget about that job and enjoy life most of the passengers are ok is just a few are going out of their way to irritate you,i normally never step down to their level,just ignore them.on more thing they're going to cut you off left and right,just to challenge you just let them go. wish you the best.

  2. I am not even a B/O yet, I am on the 8006 list, my list number(#706) will be called hopefully in a few months. I have been warned by several B/O's on here about what to expect but I am up for the challenge.


    The job that sounds good is the console dispatcher, they stay inside a warm or cool office and do what they have to do. Some SLD's have their own cars, nextels and portable radios(which is what I hear at home). Nextels are private, no scanner can pick up that.


    DevilBus65 who works overnights for MTA Bus once told me that very few dispatchers retired last year. Sounds to me that your list will expire in 2012, maybe in 2013. I think you have a shot because some people ahead of you might not be qualified for whatever reason. S.I, which will be getting 2 new depots, that right there should create a lot of dispatcher openings.

  3. o yeah i'm 5 yrs on the job
  4. Hi everyone thanx for the warm welcome. i have a quick question concerning exam # 8512 ,i took the test and my list # is in the upper 130's,what are my chances of getting called btw it's the SLD test. thanx

  5. (NYCT)hello i'm a newbie as well, how's everybody! Quick quest- i took the sld test and my score is in the upper 130's what are my chances?
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