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  1. I sent you a message @ followENY@gmail.com let me know that you received it.

  2. Thank you

    Happy late Bday =)

  3. Yes I have you

  4. Yes you are.lol

  5. Happy Birthday ^_^

  6. I didnt get anything..my mother got me at income tax time

  7. Oh So what else did you get and how did it go?

  8. LMAO well atleast you got something..yu may get sumthing better when yu wake up a lil later

  9. not yet what about you?lol

  10. nothing much juss chilllin here merry xmas btw

  11. Hey Where did you get that Long Island Bus NG CNG LED from?

  12. Well thats good..im probably not going to do anything for mine i have school and then after just go home

  13. Happy Late Birthday Im sorry for the lateness..How was your Birthday?

  14. thats good enjoy yourself today is your day

  15. Happy Birthday I hope you have a Blessed one:-)

  16. what you have planned for you birthday this weekend?

  17. I appreciate it thanks for adding me

  18. who are you looking forward to work with in the MTA?

  19. thanks ima true MTA Long Island Bus fan and going to be the future owner/operator of it i have alot of plans and goals for the company..but im going to check out your videos

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