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  1. The question becomes: Who in the area has enough diesel power to lease?
  2. It would appear as though the M-8's are making appearances on the Harlem & Hudson Lines trains so that the H&H's diesel sets can be used on the NHL during the service outage. I think this is pretty smart of MNRR to have as many trains running on the NHL as they can.
  3. No problem. That looks good!

  4. Thanks for the MNRR sign. This is what I got so far:



  5. No one knows for sure, but I'm sure there will be. Unless the wants to use a new system...
  6. They've been seen @ Croton-Harmon resting. They test 3rd rail on the Hudson Line.
  7. Indeed it did... it had to get back to NH somehow.
  8. They look better in the daylight IMO
  9. They look great from the side, but the headlight formation is a bit strange...
  10. You probably did see some (NJT) trains. NJT and MNCR ran trains to Secaucus and then on to the Meadowlands.
  11. We have no idea yet. I hope they'll do it like NJT did with the ALP-46A...
  12. You saw them in the yard, right?
  13. Otto Vondrak on Railroad.NET caught the test train at Harrison. Catch the pics here.

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