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  1. That viaduct is breathtaking, great shots!
  2. Supposedly, the feeder cable that they're putting back into service is the one that was out for scheduled maintenance. The currently broken one is not fixed yet, and will probably serve as the backup once it's fixed.
  3. The question becomes: Who in the area has enough diesel power to lease?
  4. Right, but I think it's worth it to trade full weekend service for full rush hour service (hopefully) on Monday.
  5. For all the tough stuff that they have had to deal with, MNCR has rolled with the punches pretty well. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the power failure is solved early next week, and hope that ends the troubles they have for a while.
  6. It very well could be. We'll just have to wait and see. It all depends on whether or not Amtrak running electric service would interfere with the work being done. I feel like MNCR would let them as long as it does not delay the process.
  7. In that case, I doubt they will be. Probably will be no Acela and diesel-towed Regional service.
  8. It looks like they are, since the Amtrak website shows that Acela 2172 is currently running between Washington DC and Boston, albeit with a 31+ minute delay.
  9. It would appear as though the M-8's are making appearances on the Harlem & Hudson Lines trains so that the H&H's diesel sets can be used on the NHL during the service outage. I think this is pretty smart of MNRR to have as many trains running on the NHL as they can.
  10. Never got around to posting these, I took these with a point and shoot from the top of Anthony's Nose, so that explains the bad quality. Enjoy!
  11. No problem. That looks good!

  12. Thanks for the MNRR sign. This is what I got so far:



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