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  1. As far as looking for the Harlem Week icon at the website, it will not lead you to the career fair. Just simply go to the MTA career opportunities section, and pick out what agency you would like to work for, or what jobs are open. The choices are MTA NYC Transit, MTA Bus, Long Island Railroad, Metro-North, Bridge & Tunnel, and MTA Capital. I went through all of them, and whatever I qualified for I placed in my resume and filled out the application online. During that job fair, I too was shocked to see all those people waiting on line to enter the building. I also found out that the line was so huge, that it went around the block!!! But I managed to give one of the MTA representatives a copy of my resume, and filled out the application that the school security guards were handing out for a future appointment. But, do yourselves a favor. Don't just rely on that application that you had to fill on that day when you were at the fair. Go to the website and place your resume and your application on the job that you want. You'll beat two birds with one stone.
  2. Well, my peers and I will stop by to check things out. This will be our first career fair regarding the MTA. So, we're pretty much excited about it.
  3. The MTA will get the list numbers in order when they gather up ALL of the test answers. The list #'s will begin with those that are Veterans, which will accredit extra points, and then the regular folk. Those who got 100% on their test will get a low list number, and it gets greater when you score the least number, which is 70%. We will definitely find out soon on how many people took the test and pass between 100 and 70%.
  4. The proposed key answers are out. You can check it out from the mta.info site. The test I took was a make-up test, held at the MTA H/R building on May 20th. I got two answers wrong on the test, so my score is 95%. Not bad, but I wanted a high score. Reason is because there are A LOT of people that took this easy test. So, I figure that my list number is going to be in the three or four digit category. Lol!!! Good luck to all of you, and I hope that you have a high score.
  5. Hey, congrats on the final steps bro. You made it.
  6. My condolences to whoever was in the middle of training yesterday and clipped their mirror on a truck on 3rd Ave around 14th. Tough break, supervisor did not look impressed. Ouch!!!!! That's going to leave a mark.
  7. JCP28

    B/0 job

    Well, I got a letter from the MTA, and this is what it says: Your name appeared on our eligible list for consideration for appointment as a Traffic Checker (Fulltime) with MaBSTOA. You were considered for this position along with other eligibles and have not been selected. Please be advised that there is no provision for appeals for non-selection decisions with MaBSTOA. Thank you for your interest in employment with MaBSTOA. Sincerely, Employment Operations Here they go again! Not ONE explanation as to WHY I was not chosen, It would be helpful if they said, "Because of your history on the job before," or, "your 10 year job record is not consistent," or something. This truly shows that the MTA does not let anyone back, even for small issues that could have been rectified within. That whole "wait until three years when you resign" is all B.S. But, that's not going to stop me from trying again. There's more than one way to skin a cat.
  8. No problem. I will give the HR a call. Thanks, RCVW.
  9. I'm confused......I just got this letter from transit, assuming that it was regarding my eligibility as a Traffic Checker form the past exam. I came in a month ago, and gave them all of my documents for processing. They even told me that they would call to let me know that I will attend training on March 11th, if I qualify. Now, this letter was sent from transit on March 12, stating an I quote: "You were recently considered from a list of eligible candidates for a position as a Cleaner (Labor Class) with MTA NYC Transit. Regrettably, after careful review of your qualifications you were not selected for appointment to the Cleaner TA position. This review closes Transit's employment process and your application will not be retained on file for future consideration. We wish to thank you for your interests in employment with MTA NYC Transit. Sincerely, Employment Operations" Now, again.........., I'm confused. I don't recall filling out an application for a Cleaner for transit (believe me, I checked). But I do recall filling out the application for the MaBSTOA Traffic Checker position, took the test, passed with a mark of 94, came in an handed all my documentation and filled in all the requirements, and now.........this. Is there someone that can shed some light to this confusion? Someone who works for transit as a checker or cleaner? Please reply..........thanks.
  10. Congrats Igor!!!!!! Do your very best out there!!!!! You deserve it!!!!! God bless!!!!!
  11. Very well put, This is very informal to this thread. Thanks.
  12. Then I guess that either we won't meet this next class date, or they would probably push the class date back until the background checks are officially done for our group. No matter what the answer may be, we still got to wait patiently, again.....lol.
  13. OK, just checking. Hopefully, they will either call or send a letter to let us know. Is there anyone else who heard or read anything? Let us know. Or, if you would like to call the Human Resource Center, they can give you the answers. Cool. I thought that I was the only one. Now, I can breathe better. Lol!!
  14. Just curious, did anyone from this thread got a call from MTA as to whether they have been accepted to attend training class for Traffic Checkers yet? Last time I heard is that training starts on March 11th.
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