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  1. Took the day off today because they were delivering our new counter top for our bathroom and in the afternoon, I went for a little Métro ride. From Honoré-Beaugrand to Berri-UQAM on the Green line, then from Berri-UQAM to Jean-Drapeau and back on the Yellow line, then the Orange line from Berri-UQAM to Jean-Talon then a quick hop on the Blue line from Jean-Talon to Fabre and back. Then made my way to Honoré-Beaugrand and a little stop at the Galeries d'Anjou shopping centre. Here are the pics: 31-045 (2011 Nova LFS at Honoré-Beaugrand station on route 18 Beaubien A Canadian Vickers MR-63 leaving Honoré-Beaugrand station (not my best...) Two MR-63s at the end of the station, the one on the right, headed by element 81-546, 80-023 and 81-546 switching tracks to go towards Angrignon station Getting off at Jean-Drapeau (not my best again...) 21-252 (2001 Nova LFS) outside of Jean-Drapeau on route 767 La Ronde/La Plage driven by the president of the aforementioned FHTCQ (see first post in this thread), Normand Roy At Berri-UQAM, an MR-63 with 81-625 in front (or rear) dropping off passengers before switching sides to go back to Longueuil - Université-de-Sherbrooke. The Yellow and Blue lines use 6 car trains (two 3-car elements), so taking pics like this one can be possible at the right stations. Fabre station Two Bombardier MR-73 trains at Fabre, with car 79-514 in the foreground, holding up the rear. Aaggghhh!!! Outside in the rain... 30-100 (2010 Nova LFS) laying over at Honoré-Beaugrand And at Galeries d'Anjou, I went to Sears because I spotted some closed toe men's sandals on their website, turns out they're only available on the net... But I did get these two minicraps running on the STM's seniors shuttles called "Navette Or", 30-402 and 30-410 which are 2010 Ford/Girardin E-450/G5. After that, I went and fought traffic in the rain to go pick my daughter at school. Enjoy!!
  2. Funny, I thought the RER B was only only operated by the RATP. Must've changed since my trip in '07.
  3. Here are some of my best shots from this month so far: Société de transport de Montréal 1973 GMC T6H5307N 14-008 in the old CTCUM (Montreal Urban Community Transit Commission) colours when it was put in service. This bus has been restored by the Fondation de l'Héritage du Transport en Commun du Québec in 1997. It was retired by the STCUM in 1987 and finished it career in Granby, QC before being scooped up by the FHTCQ. It is seen on Ontario and du Havre close to the Frontenac metro station. (Detroit Diesel 6V71N, Allison VH9) 22-316 (2002 Nova LFS) on Hochelaga and des Ormeaux in the Mercier - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough on route 26 Mercier-Est (Cummins ISC, ZF 5HP552C) 27-005 (2007 Nova LFS) on Notre-Dame and 32è Avenue, a 5 minute walk from my house in the Rivière-des-Prairies - Pointe-aux-Trembles borough on route 189 Notre-Dame. (Cummins ISL, ZF 6HP552C) 28-057 (2008 Nova LFS) on 32è Avenue and Sherbrooke in the same borough as 27-005 on route 86 Pointe-aux-Trembles. (Cummins ISL EPA 07, ZF 6HP554C) 30-195 (2010 Nova LFS) on Notre-Dame and de la Rousselière, in the same borough on route 189 Notre-Dame. (Cummins ISL 9, ZF 6AP1200B) Réseau de transport de Longueuil 20813 (2008 Nova LFS) at Promenades St-Bruno shopping centre in St-Bruno-de-Montarville. (Cummins ISL EPA 07, Voith D864.5) Autobus Deux-Montagnes/CIT Laurentides 11-6 (2011 Blue Bird Vision) at terminus Saint-Eustache Autobus Robert Paquette et Fils/CIT Laurentides 616 (2009 Nova LFS) in the old SURF livery and 624 (2014 Nova LFS) with the Bell Fibe (Fibre optic TV) wrap at terminus Saint-Eustache Keolis Canada/RTCR de la MRC L'Assomption 29248 (2013 Nova LFS) on Shebrooke near du Tricentenaire in Montreal's RDP/PAT borough heading to Repentigny (Cummins ISL 9, Allison B400R5) Keolis Canada/Urbis Transport Urbain Les Moulins 29602 (2014 New Flyer XD40) on du Bruant and de l'Érable-Noir in the Lachanaie sector of Terrebonne, north of Montreal. That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for more!
  4. Use of a flash is pretty much prohibited by every transit authority worldwide. Hope you enjoy your new camera fully.
  5. Had mine sent in to Canon in June 2011 after I went to a camera store (L.L. Lozeau) on Plaza St-Hubert here in Montreal (bought it at Future Shop in November 2010) and I took the extended warranty and they supplied me with a replacement camera while mine was out being fixed. Got it back 3 weeks later, good as new. I don't know any good camera stores in NYC (never been to NYC myself, lol), but if there's one that can test your camera and tell you what the issue is, you should look into it.
  6. More recent pics: Société de transport de Montréal 16-043 (1996 Nova LFS) on Notre-Dame and 7è Avenue. It was until the end of this week, the oldest bus in the STM fleet. Now that honour goes to 17-027. 17-176 (1997 Nova LFS) at the Elmhurst loop, it has a Spheros A/C unit added on like 18-064 below 18-064 (1998 Nova LFS) on Decelles and Côte-Ste-Catherine 26-039 and 26-075 (2006 Nova LFS) doing the Line 4- Yellow weekend shuttle at Métro Papineau 27-016 (2007 Nova LFS) on Honoré-Beaugrand and Hochelaga 31-004 (2010 Nova LFS) deadheading to LaSalle garage after doing the 747 airport shuttle on René-Lévesque and Saint-Denis 32-009 (2012 Nova LFS) on Sherbrooke and des Groseillers in this early morning shot 33-829 (2013 Nova LFS) on Rosemont and de Carignan Réseau de transport de Longueuil 20501 (2005 Nova LFS), 20921 (2009 Nova LFS), 21233 (2013 Nova LFS) and 21313 (2014 Nova LFS) at Terminus Longueuil Transdev/Conseil Intermunicipal de Transport Roussillon 410220 (2010 Ford E-450/Girardin G5), 840227 (ex. CIT du Sud-Ouest 840337) (1997 Prévost Le Mirage XL), 877223 (ex. Transdev Estrie 877053) (2003 Prévost H3-45), 5026222 (2012 GMC Express/Girardin G5) and 9000222 (2012 Blue Bird TX3-RE) at Auto-Parc Georges-Gagné in Delson Others: Autocars Skyport 112 (2008 Nova LFS) and 115, née STM 17-095 (1997 Nova LFS) doing the Concordia University shuttle Autobus Auger/Transport Collectif de la Jacques-Cartier 14-391 (2014 Blue Bird TX3-FE) on a charter for the Montreal Impact match versus the New England Revolution last night at Stade Saputo And a little extra: Commission de transport de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal (ancestor of today's STM) 14-008 (1973 GMC T6H5307N), restored by the Quebec Transit Heritage Foundation (FHTCQ) near Métro Frontenac and an unspecified charter yesterday evening This group also has Métropolitain Pronvincial (1967), no. 7296 (née Atomic Energy of Canada 143), a 1965 GMC TDH-4519, CTCUM 33-008, a 1983 GMC T6H5307N, the last fishbowl bought new by the CTCUM back then, 55-001, a 1985 GMC TC40102N and 15-140, a 1995 Nova Bus TC40102, the last Classic bought by the STCUM and the last Classic retired by the STM in August 2012.
  7. Cool pics. If I may suggest, you should have your camera checked out though, maybe a optical globe issue like I had with mine back in 2011, been working good since then. Just sayin.
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