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  1. Very minor note: the 1 in the route circle is a bit off-center.
  2. 20tph can't reverse at Franklin with that amount of wrong-railing. And sending limited 2/3s to Nostrand Av will only cause extreme delays for the 4/5.
  3. If there is insufficient terminal capacity for the to terminate at Flatbush, how are the supposed to terminate there? How in the world would the 2/3 reverse on a pair of tracks that has 30tph in each direction? How would the 2/3 terminate at Franklin?
  4. What they mean is that some trains are shuttling between 86 and BB, while all others are going express north of 42 St.
  5. via Culver in both directions. to Chambers St. No trains between Canal St and Atlantic Av. No trains between Astoria and Prospect Park. No trains between Whitehall St and Atlantic Av. Additional trains operate north of Whitehall St to replace the M in Queens. Shuttle runs between 36 St and Coney Island.
  6. Assuming this is an emergency change: via Culver, both directions between West 4 St and Coney Island. A shuttle runs between Coney Island and 9 Av. via Brighton Local. Runs through with the Q at Coney Island (yes, the track layout allows for this). No service between Atlantic Av and 59 St.
  7. Except they do, with no ridiculous delays. NEXT 23 St/6 Av is impassable.
  8. If it's impossible, then how come the MTA always does it when there's a problem on 7 Av, without the ridiculous delays you imply?
  9. This isn't very realistic, since a power outage at 36 St, Queens should not affect switches in Brooklyn. Also, how come 4 Av local trains can only run via 6 Av Local, while B and D trains can continue via 6 Av Exp (that's only one inconsistency, there are others)? Despite that: Trains run express south of 59 St. Unaffected Unaffected Trains run via 8 Av in both directions between 5 Av/53 St and W 4 St. Trains run via bridge, 6 Av, and 63 St. NEXT Because of a fire in a control tower, no switches can be moved along the Broadway Line between Queens/Queensboro Plaza and Atlantic Av, inclusive.
  10. Trains rerouted to 168 St. Trains rerouted to terminate at Dyckman St. A shuttle runs between 145 St and 205 St. Yes it will - since the switches on the lower level cannot be set toward 207 St by definition, they remain functional as per the problem's conditions. NEXT Due to a reconstruction project, both Manhattan-bound tracks are impassable at Hoyt St . Because this is a long-term change, the Brooklyn-bound express track has been reverse-signalled between Atlantic Av and Borough Hall. Reroute: , provide alternative service on other lines Duration: 5 years
  11. Police investigations at Atlantic Av and/or Dekalb Av.
  12. Since this is a long-term change (I assume): Trains run to New Lots Av. Trains run local south of 34 St. No trains south of 14 St. NEXT Due to a washout, the 63 St and 60 St tunnels are both impassable.
  13. One of the new trains in London (IIRC the 2009 stock) had these sensors - they were so problematic and over-sensitive and caused so many delays that they were soon removed.
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