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  1. Hello.

    1. VWM


      How's your day? Great Weather.

  2. That outburst was an exception. Mostly, people curse, insult, etc. and the mods just ignore it.

  3. The bad thing on this forum is that the worst offenders (especially flaming and cursing) are long-time members, and the mods do NOTHING against them. :mad:

  4. I got sick of the bickering, text-sp3Ek, and cursing here.

  5. I made the smilie using iaza.com and the lock smilie here.

  6. Awesome! I was just going to ask about it.

  7. May I modify your signature pic (assuming it's made by you)?

  8. Can you please do something about this thread? Thanks!

  9. Your signature picture is not showing.

  10. He's still offline though.

  11. That's on purpose!

  12. Did the TO really get out at W4 and change it back? Or was it like that for the entire run? Or was it something else?

  13. Thanks!


    P.S. Can you give me the frames separately? iaza.com messes it up.

    P.S. 2. Can I modify the sign a little?

  14. New sigpic. Check it out!

  15. Oh well, w/e.

    And do you know the name of the piece by now?

  16. Read the video's title;)

  17. It's one of the more famous classical pieces.

    Chances are you've heard it somewhere (at least one version) by now.

  18. Sorry, can't find it.

    You can create one like that yourself if you want.

  19. Image deleted from page.

  20. You mean my sig image? Works fine for me:confused:

  21. Naw, don't. You'll probably get banned, with this ridiculous spree they went on now.


    PS Check my siggy!

  22. P.S. What do you think of this:


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