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  1. Don't they usually avoid doing large GOs like that (no at all) during the holiday season?
  2. This is slightly related. Since the New Lots line has a higher demand for 7 Av than does the Flatbush line (since that also has the ), would it be reasonable to send the back to New Lots, with the going to Flatbush? This isn't for foam reasons, it just seems like a good idea. Since the 3 runs less often than the 2 IIRC, the trains to Utica could be rerouted to Flatbush if needed.
  3. Trains run through and exchange with each other (e.g. becomes and vice versa). This was done in 2006 and the track layout is perfect for this, using Tracks 1 and 4 only. Trains run in two sections: 205 St to Bay 50 St and Bay 50 St to Coney Island, as a single track shuttle. (see below) Trains run in two sections: 179 St to Av X and Av X to Coney Island, as a single track shuttle. At Coney Island, this train will be re-signed as a and continue to Bay 50 St. NEXT No switches can be moved between Atlantic Av/Barclays Center and Manhattan on the BMT.
  4. MTA learns leetspeak: SBS34 bus delayed due to heavy traffic in the vicinity of the Jacob Javitz Center because of the Comic-Con Convention.
  5. The issue with Flatbush Av is that trains crawl in because of the lack of tail tracks. Or else how would Times Sq handle the 30+ tph the runs?
  6. The people who live in the outer reaches of Queens chose to live there and accepted that there would be inadequate transportation. Downtown Brooklyn, however, is generally regarded as a place with excellent transportation, given the maze of lines there. This link would not be very long and would drastically improve connectivity to the IND. And for every single one of the stations you mentioned that should be connected, there is an existing connection exactly one station away. This is not so for Atlantic Av/Fulton St/Lafayette St.
  7. Assuming you mean the Brighton track: No service south of 34 St. Runs via tunnel and B'way Local. Restored, via tunnel and B'way Exp to 57 St. NEXT The Clark St tunnel is impassable. Duration: 10 years. Reroute the . Provide as many alternatives as possible.
  8. How is anyone supposed to tell that that's a Metrocard?
  9. A free transfer should be made between Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza for and customers. Of course, on-the-spot thinking has never been a strong point for the MTA.
  10. If I see a screen with departures, I expect said departures to be at the station, not a train ride away. Maybe it's just me?
  11. It would confuse the tourists, who would think that there is MNR at Times Square.
  12. Well, there's http://www.nycsubway.org/wiki/Subway_FAQ:_A_Day_in_the_Life_of_a_Transit_Worker#A_Train_Conductor, if that helps.
  13. The neighborhood has too many people for such infrequent service. Same reason that the are as frequent as they are.
  14. The reason for the separation is FRA regulations, which don't apply to the Netherlands. That said, the FRA has a very strict set of standards compared to other countries.
  15. Where was it that I read that the P was coming back?
  16. This is a long-term change, so I took some liberty with the solutions. Extended to 149 St/3 Av to avoid delays at 142 St Junction and provide extra service into Manhattan. No trains between 125 St and Atlantic Av. Trains run via the line in both directions between 149 St and Nevins St. Trains run local in the Bronx. No trains between 125 St and Brooklyn Bridge. Trains stop at 155 and 163 St. Trains rerouted to 161 St to connect with the . Trains run local in the Bronx. Selected trains run via 53 St to increase service to Lexington Av/53 St. NEXT Astor Place is impassable on the . This is a long-term change. Reroute: , others as needed.
  17. If you unzip the archive, there will be subfolders called Object, Route, and Sound. The contents of the Object folder go into *\Openbve\Railway\Object. The contents of the Route folder go into *\Openbve\Railway\Route. The contents of the Sound folder go into *\Openbve\Railway\Sound.
  18. He did not mention Riverdale once in his post, yet it must be brought up. On topic: they can't install those shields fast enough. Hopefully that'll stop the endless assaults.
  19. That OPTS should have been OPTO. That is the Stop marker for trains using One Person Train Operation.
  20. If the anticipated LIRR ridership is not very low, won't large crowds crossing that intersection be a hazard?
  21. There's not enough tph for the to handle Brighton alone, and the should not be changed for an incident that does not affect it. Besides, the has 480' trains, unlike the . And no, the will not run to Botanic Gardens.
  22. WMATA is a commuter rail-metro hybrid: only places like the Rockaways are as sparsely populated as the outer reaches of WMATA where there are P&Rs. For instance, the area around East Falls Church Metro station is quite suburban.
  23. That's because it's not the name of the station, unlike this which is the official station name. There's no station called Pacific St anymore. The supplements will run local where? In Brooklyn? Manhattan? Both?
  24. It's an urban transit system, not a commuter railroad. On topic: I wonder how the station will handle the after-game crowds.
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