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  1. Yes. The seat is an unusually light color. The paint can't be peeling off because the whole seat is neatly the same shade of yellow.
  2. When the was rehabbing the Shuttle, why did they make it one track? :mad: It really limits capacity and flexibility. For example, in an emergency G.O., a full train can't reach Fulton Street without causing backup. :confused::tdown:
  3. I saw R68 2538 on the ( a few days ago and it has a yellow seat. Not the usual dark yellow, but a strange lighter yellow. Anyone have a clue as to why?:eek::eek::eek: Sorry, no pics.
  4. Due to signal problems at the 67th Avenue Station, selected World Trade Center-bound and Coney Island-bound trains are running local between the Forest Hills-71st Avenue Station and the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue Station. Please expect delays in and train service at this time.
  5. Another one: At Kings Highway (, a Russian woman comes up to a lady standing nearby, who also speaks Russian. She points to the Manhattan-bound side, and asks, "Does this train go to Brighton?" The other lady tells her to go to the other side. The first lady then points to the sign above the Manhattan-bound tracks that says "Manhattan and the Bronx via Brighton Local" and says, "But the sign says Brighton". MORAL: Look for context clues next time.:confused:
  6. http://s835.photobucket.com/albums/zz276/NXExpress/
  7. Due to someone requiring medical assistance at the Utica Avenue Station, Inwood-bound trains are running local from the Broadway Junction Station to the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street Station. Please expect delays in service on the trains at this time. I don't get it. Why totally reroute trains for someone requiring assistance?
  8. lol My user name is from my favorite train route (if it existed). The Sea Beach is beautiful, and with a nonstop run, it's even better.
  9. Besides this, when was the last time they had a Service Alert?
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