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  1. Yes, I have.

    Also, in a few weekends we will have the fiasco with no (2)(3) trains from Chambers to Boro Hall. (4) and (5) trains are extended to Brooklyn to provide alternate service.

    Also, it's been a year since I joined this place. It has its ups and downs...as well as its problems. Also, I hit 5,000 posts today!

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, it is nice music.

  3. IDK about MEF, but Subchat is a flame-filled joke and this site is on its way to becoming one.

  4. Check out my profile pic!

  5. Please move this thread to the Bus section. Thanks!

  6. Are there any updates from the Nova Factory? I heard some new LFS buses should be arriving in NYC soon.

  7. Oh, well. I was going to ask him if he was aahd (because they talk the same way...)...

  8. I had a question...how do you post visitor messages on Jen's profile? I can't find a way to do it and I had a question to ask him.



  9. Correct! Google apparently forgot to change the color of the (Mx):eek:

  10. It's a screenshot from Google Maps. Do you see the error?

  11. Check out my profile pic!

  12. Happy birthday Matt! May you have many more.:tup:

  13. That's probably because of those mods that people on here were complaining about (or am I confusing that with another forum?) I mean the ones that banned people who were not flaming, while keeping flamers.

  14. Please click the link in my sig!

  15. Please click the link in my sig!

  16. Can you please rename this thread to "Next Part of the Rockaways and Brighton Station Rehabs"? Thank you!

  17. happy birthday

  18. What happened to your profile?

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