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  1. The subway is a necessity, especially for people with PPR Metrocards who only use it to get to/from work. Thus, they won't be inclined to take the subway more (since they have to pay for it).
  2. Money is the issue, as 2 more tph, given a 3 hour round trip (assuming no recovery time) is 6 extra crews. That's 12 more people who need to be paid for two days of work.
  3. Most of the delays that you (Brooklyn) mention come from merging - e.g. two trains arrive at 34 St at the same time and one of them has to wait. Once the lines are merged, delays shouldn't be too bad. If it's really an issue, there can be one less train per hour on each line. That would be a 3tph reduction, which is pretty significant in terms of track capacity.
  4. While there is a brief interval of 18-tph service in the morning, it's usually smaller than that. IIRC it's close to 14-15 tph in the peak of the AM rush.
  5. People are saying that Amtrak is subsidized, so it should be removed. What about the airlines? Do they pay for the costs of building new airports (the bills for which pass much quicker than the bills for Amtrak NEC capital funds)? Do they pay for the costs of ATC? Have they returned the (extra) subsidies they received after 9/11? And the roads don't pay for themselves either - the gas tax does not cover the full cost of the roads. Even when all the fees, like vehicle licensing, are added in, the roads are still 'unprofitable'. Finally, why is giving money to Amtrak a 'subsidy' and giving money to other modes of transport an 'investment'? Generally, every mode of transport needs to be given a competitive chance. With the annual struggles that Amtrak faces to avoid being cut, it's not a fighting chance, since it can make no long-term funding commitments. Look at Europe - it has a massive rail system which is subsidized, just like ours. But they consider it an important mode of transport, not an afterthought that faces annual battles for survival. PS For those who say privatize the railways, read some 1960s railroad history. Amtrak was created because the private sector refused to operate the passenger trains. Why would now be any different?
  6. The only way for a Q coming from the Brighton Line to terminate at Atlantic Av is for it to single-track from Prospect Park (this is done during late nights, but Q trains must run every 30 minutes for this to work). Even if both tracks are used, this results in a 15-minute frequency, which is nowhere near sufficient. Thus, until the Brighton Line gets a switch at Atlantic Av, Q trains in non-late-night service will continue to end at Prospect Park or get priority to run through to Manhattan.
  7. There's no way for a to terminate at Atlantic or Dekalb. As for the N/Q/R, once they merge, delays should be minimal. The stream of trains is assembled and then moves down the line smoothly, since there is no switching and merging.
  8. I read a thread to read something interesting, not this really old joke about 'fowm' repeated a million times. NEXT No trains can pass 57 St at 6 and 7 Avs. Reroute: Note that all lines must have the same tph to Manhattan as before.
  9. It's better than having all possible combinations of routes run, since that leads to emptier buses. This is where the idea of the SI Express hub originated from, with feeders serving it from SI and then buses going to every part of Downtown and Midtown. That would lead to better equipment utilization overall.
  10. Quit acting like a five-year-old. It's annoying. I believe I said this before. NEXT No trains can pass 57 St at 6 and 7 Avs. Reroute: Note that all lines must have the same tph to Manhattan as before.
  11. Have the train hit the next red signal and go into emergency. Or just have the train go up the Manhattan Bridge, where it will end up reversing anyway. Other trains can be turned at West 4 St or B'way - Lafayette. No trains between Chambers and 168 St. Trains run in two sections: .........Bronx to 2 Av, via the between 145 St and West 4 St. .........West 4 St to Brooklyn. Trains run express in Manhattan. Trains run via the between West 4 St and Roosevelt Av. Trains run to Chambers St. Trains in Queens run as trains between 71 Av and Whitehall St. Limited service to Astoria. Select trains run via 63 St to 21 St/Queensbridge. Uptown trains run via 7 Av. The last stop on some southbound trains is 138 St, 86 St, or 59 St. Uptown trains run express from 14 to 42 St. NEXT The 7 Av Line is impassable at 34 St.
  12. IMHO the via 6th and the via 8th at the same time should be avoided. Also, 6 Av Express trains cannot use 2 Av. Here's my solution: Local north of 34 St and south of Hoyt St. Suspended Trains run express between 34 St and Canal St. Trains run either via Crosstown or via Cranberry and 53 St. Cut back to Broad St. NEXT 14 St/8 Av is impassable. Reroute:
  13. Trains run in two sections:* ...............Bronx to 34 St/Herald Sq. ...............34 St/Herald Sq to Brooklyn, via Broadway Exp and bridge. Trains run via the in both directions between Canal St and Atlantic Av. Trains run local between Canal St and 34 St. * Any trains in the affected area stop-and-stay at the next station. NEXT All four local tracks are impassable at West 4 St.
  14. Well, there must be a reason nearly every other major city in the Western world has done this...
  15. So anyone who's against the idea thinks realistically, according to you. Is there a problem with overcrowding of buses? Yes Is there an available ROW that has alternatives along which the LIRR can be rerouted? Yes Given that buses are slow and more expensive per passenger moved, a subway would be much more cost-effective in this case. Those that take the LIRR can transfer to it at Jamaica. A possible problem with this, however, is the existing lack of QBL capacity. This can be fixed with the QBL Bypass (also on existing LIRR ROW).
  16. Well, the still shares with it, so it can't be the . Easy hint: This route runs on a BMT South line.
  17. They were working at Sutter Av IIRC, not at New Lots.
  18. It goes there only during rush hours, and during late nights it shares with its brother the . So no, not the
  19. I guess that would work, but that's not what I'm looking for. Hint: this route is not a shuttle overnight.
  20. The is only a 'friend' during the weekdays, so it doesn't count as at other times. That's a good guess, though. And it's not the either.
  21. NEXT During late nights, I don't share with any of my brothers. Other times, I gain friends. On weekdays, I see new places. Who am I? Apologies if this is a bit cryptic.

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