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  1. How about the (5) to the (2)?

  2. How are you going to get to school next year, now that the BX41 doesn't go near your house?

  3. Then how are you posting? ;)

  4. Please, post some examples of the bus signs you make!

  5. IMO, our forum has too many smilies. Is it okay if I remove some? I'll keep the basic emotions and all the train routes.

  6. Hi! BTW, on our forum, can you make your sig smaller? It takes up too much room. Thanks!

  7. Um what? Stop posting garbage like ... and :eek:

  8. Stop posting random BS, okay? Thanks.

  9. Where did you get that avatar?

  10. Thanks a million!!! That's perfect!

  11. Then go into Font Colors and select Pink (or magenta or w/e it's called).

  12. You use Paint for it, right? If yes, then go to Colors---> Edit Colors ---> Define Custom Colors and type in the values. That's for Windows XP. For Windows 7, it should be similar.

  13. Hue: 200

    Sat: 240

    Lum: 120

    RED: 255

    GREEN: 0

    BLUE: 255

  14. Thanks! BTW, did you try the pink? I'm sure I gave you the RGB codes somewhere.

  15. How'd you read my mind? I was just about to fool around a bit with the sign myself!

  16. Thank you! It worked!

  17. His account here is Melvin.

  18. I don't make them. Ask Melvin.

  19. No thanks, I don't need it. I can make it myself. I just wanted to see if aahd was serious about it.

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