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  1. I forgot that too. I was looking for Concourse. Pass
  2. Name all of the lines that have the number of services running along them halved from weekdays to weekends.
  3. If we have an unemployment problem (which we do, and a huge one at that), shovel ready projects should be promoted. This is (almost) a shovel-ready project.
  4. It's been there before. NEXT Carroll St is impassable. NO FOAMING
  5. Given that the ROW already exists, it won't take that long at all. A few years at most. The only tunneling needed is from Jamaica/Parsons-Archer station (who came up with that name?) to the LIRR ROW. Then it's just replacing the signal and power systems, and slightly modifying the stations.
  6. Second Avenue needs a subway; although they might not like the construction process, the subway itself is needed to help the . With SE Queens, there are so many people that they need a subway. And no, a subway will only help the neighborhood with its overcrowding issues; there's not much more buses can do. Trains are more efficient, whether you like it or not.
  7. That was because the entire bridge was destroyed and they had to construct artificial islands for the new tracks. There's nothing of the sort in this situation.
  8. If there's not enough physical capacity at stations, no signal system will change that - so 35TPH is unlikely to happen. A lot more practical would be a QBL bypass via the LIRR ROW.
  9. If you increase service on the weekends, nothing will happen, since there is no track on Broadway that is at capacity on weekends.
  10. I meant that the track was impassable, so no 'skips 50 St northbound' are possible. That's way too easy. And yes I know we're on 94, I just wanted an old scenario. Cut back to Hoyt St. Cut back to Broad St. No trains between 95 St and Coney Island. Some trains terminate at 9 Av. No trains between Prospect Park and Coney Island. Trains run via the in both directions between West 4 St and Kings Hwy. Trains run via the in both directions between West 4 St and Av X. NEXT Rockefeller Ctr is impassable northbound. Reroute: , others as needed. All lines must have the same tph to Manhattan as before.
  11. TBH, any extension would first need an improvement of QBL capacity, like the super-express bypass. If not, crowding would just get worse.
  12. Post from page 24. Solution: No trains between Kings Hwy and Brighton Beach. No trains between Kings Hwy and Av X. No trains between Kings Hwy and Coney Island. No trains between Kings Hwy and Brighton Beach. Customers advised to take buses or shuttles to the at Coney Island. NEXT All stations named 50 St are impassable northbound only. The respective express tracks are not affected. Affected: in Brooklyn, ,
  13. Why didn't you reroute the ? Not good enough. NEXT 53 St and Lex Av is impassable. Reroute the and . Note that QBL must have the same tph to Manhattan as before, so no trains can terminate at Court Sq.
  14. No trains between 137 St-City College and 3 Av/149 St. No trains between 96 St and 148 St. Trains operate between Burnside Av and Flatbush Av. A shuttle runs between Dyre Av and 3 Av/149 St. NEXT The local tracks are impassable at Steinway St and 68 St . Reroute: , , , others if needed
  15. So the 60th st tube can barely fit the on weekends, although it fits the on weekdays?
  16. If it's a staffed station, they have the timetables there. The unstaffed, barely-a-building stations are known as Amshacks.
  17. to Broad St Trains run via the between Jay and West 4th, then local to 59th. No trains between High St and 168 St. No trains between 34 St and WTC. NEXT Chrystie St Connection is impassable. Reroute: . All lines must have the same tph to Manhattan as before.
  18. So what? Did you read anything Trainmaster wrote? EDIT: One or two trains makes it especially useless.
  19. Trains run via the between Av X and West 4 St in both directions. Trains run via the between Canal St and Coney Island in both directions. A shuttle operates between Coney Island and Kings Hwy. Customers advised to take buses to the or .
  20. Phew! Following an earlier incident, and train service has resumed with residual delays.
  21. Does this remind anyone of something? Due to a smoke condition at Dekalb Av Station, and trains are running on the line between Dekalb Av Stationand Canal St Station in both directions. Please expect delays in , and train service at this time.
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