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  1. I've recently been having a problem with the R32s. The rollsign and flipdot moves when I use the operation controls (i.e. q a z < > ?) rather that the usual 2,8,9, and 0. Does anyone know what causes this glitch and how I can fix it? -Nick
  2. The B63 seems like such an obscure route compared to the B37. Nobody wants to walk up the two avenues just to go back down when it's time to get off either. Implying that the bus got to where they need to in the first place...
  3. Bay Ridge really hasn't been the same without it. Although the B70 is a "half-fix" if you will, 68th all the way back to Downtown Brooklyn remains unaccounted for. I petitioned to save this service when the cuts first came out. It's a good thing Mr.Gentile wants this one put at the top of the list!
  4. By that logic, why isn't it illegal to ride the City Hall Loop. Technically, thats non-revenue track. As well as the South Ferry now. The station's still technically closed. The legality confuses me and if anything, i'll take the from now on...
  5. Illegal to ride the 5 around? I've done it numerous times some of which the employees knew I was on board and never had a problem. How is it a legality issue compared to riding on the outer 1 track?
  6. Hey, Everyone. I've only recently started with regular Subway Photography. I've been hanging out at the 7th Avenue Chambers Street Station recently and have never been disappointed with my video footage. However, I'm a little disappointed with my photos. I've got a Nikon P510 SLR Camera and I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get good stills underground. I consider myself an amateur and am a little afraid to mess with the manual settings. Is there anything done out there to make sure you get good, clean, and still shots in the lower light of the Subway Tunnels? Please get back to me with your answers. -Nick
  7. In the Title. Ran this through Photoshop today. A bit on the lower quality side because it was cut from video, but I think it looks great nonetheless. Taken on a Nikon P510.
  8. Today, I rode the 5 from Bowling Green around the inner SF loop. There's clearly work being done.
  9. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/13/nyregion/mta-may-reopen-old-south-ferry-station-temporarily.html?_r=0 Yesterday, I stayed on the 1 train after Rector to see the old loop and was surprised to find the lights on and it looking better than most closed stations would. I thought this was quite interesting. I remember it had been a thought a while ago when the new station closed, this came up in speculation. But it looks like it's starting to become something bigger than a foamers dream. Comments? -Nick
  10. Hey, Everyone. I recently found out that an old, skeleton key I had was a P54 coach key from the LIRR which, sure enough, got me looking into other MTA keys. Turns out, like most antiques, they're listed on ebay by the masses. I know that railroad property in other hands is generally "Verboten" by most people but I was wondering if i'm not the only one here who has some memorabilia in this form. -Nick
  11. Because you could just take the trains that already stop there... People are complaining about the walk from there anyway. So that doesn't really solve the problem...
  12. Fair enough. Maybe I didn't word correctly. It came across as if I should know what's going on with everything and the fact that I didn't made me stupid. Not sure if thats just over thinking, but I personally was taken back by the response. On a non-complaining note, I personally think the majority of the people saying they want South Ferry to be reopened is so passenger traffic can continue. If, hypothetically, it was opened again, It would generate more revenue in order to contribute to the rebuilding of the regular station or god knows what else. But, as Fresh Pond said, it would have to be up to par with ADA regulations. Which would probably be finished when the regular station could be reopened. The people foaming from the mouth for it to be reopened don't have a say. But if a commuter petition was created, I wouldn't be surprised if it got a fair amount of positive reception...
  13. That's why I said "Also, is it really a "new station" if it's being reopened? I'm not sure about the odds and ends of the ADA" I wasn't completely sure and I wasn't going to present myself like I was. Thank you for letting me know what's what. There wasn't really a need to be snotty about it...
  14. The is done. It's been gone for nearly 10 years at this point and even dreaming of bringing it back is, to be blatant, beyond stupid. As for the old South Ferry Station, it could just be a temporary station. There are plenty of stations that aren't ADA. If it was just for three years while the station was being renovated, I don't think it'd be that bad. It'd be more so for commuters than subway fans foaming from the mouth. Also, is it really a "new station" if it's being reopened? I'm not sure about the odds and ends of the ADA, but there's a loophole to nearly everything....
  15. Hey everyone. This weekend, I was going to do a bit of railfanning down by Coney Island and was wondering if any of you care to join me. I was thinking tomorrow around 11. Any takers? -Nick
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