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  1. I've edited my original message, as it seems my request was out of line.... Thanxs for puttin me in my place Alex ...
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a newb on this website but I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. ***Edited*** Thanks to everyone who was helpful in this thread, you guys gave me some great idea and I will surely use them in the future! Dear Mr. Alex L. Train Service Supervisor guy, No one is looking to get anyone jammed up here bud. I was just a guy looking to get some help. People in supervisory positions seem to forget that the "CO" isn't some cat you go up and talk to on a daily basis. And to furthermore asking him to meet with senior transit officials to get consent for some of us plain clothes guys to wear MTA patches.....is quite ridiculous. It's been done since the beginning of time, and will continue to be done. We're their to make things better for MTA personnel. Referring me to my CO isn't what I was looking for. Again, thanks a lot everyone!! And next time I smile and wave at ya when you're pulling out of the station, try to give one back! Oh, and stop closing the doors on me!! I know about your little games conductor boys!!!! Signing out: Your pal in blue. Well, I should have figured I would get this type of response....
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