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  1. How often do pianists show up on platforms? The sheer logistics of getting a piano seem a little daunting. http://eone.vox.com/library/post/may-1-the-pianist-at-west-4th.html
  2. ...there's a lot of info for the average commuter to digest. Earlier in the morning, on the , there were actually 3 sets of notices but the car was too crowded for me to take pics. The MTA folks who paste the notices have to scramble. http://eone.vox.com/library/post/apr-11-if-you-notice-this-notice-you-will-notice-that.html
  3. I took this folding chair trainset from WTC to 7Av this morning. http://eone.vox.com/library/post/mar-29-seats-vs-benches-on-the-r160.html I didn't like it that much. I prefer the benches. Also, my back seemed to hurt like a couple of others mentioned.
  4. Agreed. By "another" E, I didn't imply that there was a pattern of R160 breakdowns or breakdowns with other trainsets. I am more than happy with the level of service I get. Just wanted to know if anyone knew if the reason for the stall was a mechanical issue or something else (sick passenger, police activity.....). In this case, it would have helped if the conductor had made everyone aware of the fact that the E was on the lower level of W4 and not the upper level - especially as an express was waiting with doors open.
  5. So it was another that was stalled? Mechanical problems with the R160?
  6. So I hopped on the at WTC a little later than usual on Thu morning - around 8.45 perhaps. All was well until Canal. Then at W4, the was diverted onto the -soon-to-be- line and I, alongwith a bunch of others, ended up on the wrong express! http://eone.vox.com/library/post/mar-27-commuting-incidents-this-week-contd.html Also, what's the deal with some only running upto Kew Gardens and not Jamaica Center?
  7. At the Chambers St/WTC, it is not unusual in the rush hours to have trains on both tracks - and they usually leave in the order they arrived. Sometimes the order changes. But last week, we had the unusual situation of having a train on track 1 and none on track 2 but the dispatcher continuously announcing that the train that would arrive on track 2 would leave first. It was a good 5 min before the train arrived and, sure enough, that one left first. It didn't seem like the train on track 1 had any obvious problems and the driver/conductor seemd to be in position. Why would they do that? Other commuting incidents (including on the PATH) at http://eone.vox.com/library/post/mar-14-commuting-incidents-this-week.html
  8. "They are taken to 207th Street and get stripped of its mechanism, loaded onto the barge, and splash it goes into the ocean" Seriously? The empty shells are just dropped into the ocean? Why - isn't the metal worth something in a scrapyard?
  9. Here's a sighting of subway cars on the Hudson http://eone.vox.com/library/post/jan-24-the-final-journey-for-mta-cars.html where exactly do these go to get scrapped?
  10. "If you ask me, installing Wi-Fi underground should be another top priority. I get bored very easily and I'd like to surf the web while waiting for the train." Question is - will you pay to surf like when you sign up for boingo or whatever at an airport? " #7 Yesterday, 05:23 PM fishmech Member Transit System(s): Subway Car(s): Bus Model(s): Commuter Rail(s): Commuter Rail Car(s): Locomotive(s): Statistics Join Date: Nov 2009 Location: 08016 Gender: Gallery: 0 Referrals: 0 Quote: Originally Posted by lrg5784 But in order to do that, the MTA will have to spend money, something they really don't have right now Yes but the cell companies will be paying them to put them up, and then paying rent on each transmitter monthly". Agreed. But the more lucrative revenue stream would be from a steadily growing number of wi-fi and cellphone users who cannot do without these underground and are willing to pay. That should also minimize mindless yapping and sharp elbowing.
  11. After seeing a guy coding away furiously on the subway, I was wondering if the MTA might be able to make money like the airlines are - while also keeping users down to a tolerable number. See http://eone.vox.com/library/post/dec-20-billable-on-the-subway.html I am not aware of how the pilot to provide cell access is proceeding and what, if anything, is in it for mTA.
  12. On Sat, I hopped into a downtown at 42 st with someone from out of town. When we got in, she wanted to know weher we were getting off so she could find it on the electronic map. I look up and I struggle to find "Park Place" and then realize why - it is a "(5)" map! So a was bsing used on the . How often does that happen? Today, I hopped into a downtown at 7Av/53rd and buried myself in my mag. Then when it stopped betwene stations somewhere I had lost track of where we were. So I look up at the display and what do I see? The orange "(F)" sign and the strip map showing the next stop to be "Avenue A"! As it turned out, we pulled up into W4 a couple of minutes later and I got my bearings back. Bharat http://eone.vox.com
  13. I got into an E at WTC at 8.26 yesterday (Fri). It crawled out and very lazily pulled into Canal 5 min later. Then there were several stops between Canal and Spring and then no urgency in leaving Spring. C was running on the express line. A couple of A's and and even the next E passed us on the express track. Finally doors closed and we crawled out and snaked our way to W4. Just outside W4, the E that had passed us on the express track was waiting to get in - so we had an uptown E on the local and an E on the express. We finally pulled into W4 at 8.52. The 'express' E had gone by then. An A pulled in and I hopped into it. It made better progress (but still slower than usual) to 42nd. GOt there at 9.05 or so. It wasn't at all clear what was wrong. I didn't see any stalled trains on the local track. Does anyone know what happened? Bharat http://eone.vox.com
  14. I am a regular on the "E" between WTC and 7Av/53. Earlier used to go further to 23rd St/Ely. I love the R160s and have chronicled a few of the R160 quirks on my blog. For instance, I like the "keep only one door open at WTC in off peak" policy http://eone.vox.com/library/post/nov-14-back-on-the-e.html. Happy to be on board! Regards, Bharat
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