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  1. I remember that one summer when the was re-rerouted to 137th St. I remember being scared of riding the redbirds because they went too fast and thought it was going to crash. I remember riding the last redbird running on the in High School. I remember the running as the Brighton local and went to Coney Island on it. I remember the R-40 slants and thought of them as the weirdest and coolest subway cars ever. I remember the and trains existing. I remember the ( going to Queensbridge-21st St and warning my sister to not take it. I remember having an argument on the with a classmate on a trip about whether we were on the east side or not. I remember the only trains on the Broadway line were the and and only the ( and used the Manhattan Bridge. I remember riding the to 242nd Street with my friend for no reason because it was a nice night and we didn't want to go home yet.
  2. I don't ride the R160s that often, unless I go to my friend's house in Brooklyn. I like the cars. They ride smooth and have good acceleration and speed. Although, I never liked their seats. The design of the backs always made me slightly uncomfortable. I think the R-32 had the best design for bench seating. Anyway, with the white walls and light blue seats of the cars' interior I always thought of it as a little bland. The cars are great and I just hope they don't fall apart before their time like the R-44s. :confused:
  3. That's actually better. I didn't know the B46 ran limited. I made so many stops because people wouldn't want to walk that far. This is how much I know about Brooklyn. It is better to have less stops anyway. As for 125th street, there's no stop because the has no stop planned for 125th street and 2nd Avenue. Also the T connects to the Q60, , , and Metro North. Also, the new gateway mall is on E116th St and FDR so it makes sense to have all trains stop near a shopping center. 125th st and 2nd is not as populated as 116th st (except for the northern part of Wagner Houses).
  4. It's true that they don't need service past B116th Street, but it gives them an alternative to the A and access to the east side. The Q,T will provide local service in Manhattan. Houston St-2nd Avenue is LES 2nd Ave and 116th St is E116th St. Here's the local service for Brooklyn: ,<K> 2nd Avenue Express Bronx (Peak Direction Express Stops in Bold) Bay Plaza- Co-op City Blvd Tiemann Av-Bartow Av Gun Hill Av- Seymour Av Boston Rd Bronxwood Av White Plains Rd- Burke Av Transfer to Split from via Webster Av East 204 St Bedford Park Avenue-Botanical Gardens Terminal for during Rush Hours Fordham Plaza 182-183 Sts Tremont Avenue 174th St Claremont Pkwy 168th St Third Av-163rd St Merge with East 156th St Third Avenue-149th St Transfer to , Third Avenue-138th St Transfer to , Manhattan East 116th Street Transfer to U.N -42nd Street Transfer to LES-2nd Av/Houston St Avenue C-Houston St Brooklyn Express Stops are Bolded H Stops on those stops South 4th Street Union Av Flushing Av Myrtle Av-Broadway Lafayette Av Halsey St Fulton St-Utica Av Eastern Pkwy-Utica Av Lefferts Av Linden Blvd Clarendon Rd Foster Av Kings Hwy Flatlands Av Avenue N Kings Plaza-Flatbush Av Split from H Gerristen Av Avenue W-Nostrand Av Transfer to Sheepshead Bay-Voorheis Av
  5. 2nd Avenue-Utica Avenue Express Bronx Throggs Neck-Harding Av Sampson Av Randall Av Balcom Av Castle Hill Av White Plains Rd Rosedale-Soundview Aves Boynton Av Hunts Point Av Prospect Av Third Avenue-163 Street East 156th Street Third Avenue-149 Street Transfer to , Third Avenue-138 Street Transfer to , Manhattan 116th Street U.N-42nd Street Houston Street Transfer to Avenue C-Houston Street Brooklyn South 4th Street Myrtle Avenue-Broadway Transfer to ,, Fulton Street- Utica Avenue Transfer to , Eastern Parkway-Utica Avenue Transfer to , Kings Plaza-Flatbush Avenue Queens B169 St - Fort Tilden B147 St - Jacob Riis Park B135 St B125 St Merge with Rockaway Park B116 St B105 St B98 St B90 St Merge with Far Rockaway B67 St B60 St B44 St B36 St Mott Avenue-Far Rockaway
  6. Make it Express between Bergen and Church Avenue (hey they're finally fixing the Culver line, might as well use all four of the tracks). Make it peak express south of Church Av during rush hours. Actually give the line its two cars back. Make Church Av terminal permanent, extend to Kings Hwy rush hours. More headways. , Make it express past Myrtle Avenue to Broadway Junction. Go back to its original route and color. If it uses the R160s, other than bringing it back, extend it to Canarsie via Broadway (during Rush Hours) like the old KK. Extend to Co-op City and give the people living there a choice in transportation..for once. ( Runs on weekends. Express service restored in Manhattan. Extend it to LaGuardia and further (maybe Whitestone or Bayside) Restored, I liked taking this train more than the _ train north of 57th St.
  7. Hmm I haven't ridden every Bronx bus, but I've ridden quite a few. I can't say which ones are the best, but I can say a few things about the worse ones. Bx19: Oh God, kill me now. This is simply the worst bus route in the Bx. It's the only bus I've been on that goes at a breathtaking speed of 5. Not MPH, just 5. Why does it stop on Convent while the last stop was less than 200 feet away? My little brother goes to Hayes, and it takes him an hour just to go from Broadway-145th St to Grand Concourse. Bx9: Another horrendously slow bus. It's not as bad as the 19, but I get scared when the bus goes up that hill. I've seen it go backwards. Those long buses can't handle that many people with a hill that steep. Bx10: It's the only route that I've been on that I've honestly think I was going in circles. Waiting for it is terrible, I've seen three Bx1's for every Bx10. I feel bad for the people that go to High School, or College there.
  8. Thanks everyone for the useful info! I'm a bit disappointed about the SAS only having 2 tracks, but any new line east of Lexington would be a sigh of relief for ,,. I'm wondering is what would happen if they would need to expand it past 2nd Ave. I used to go to high school on the FDR, and man walking from Lexington everyday was not fun.
  9. Someone I work with lives on 2nd Avenue, and she is wondering if Phase 1 of the SAS is being built either on the center, the west side, or the east side of 2nd Av. I think it's being built on the center but by the looks of the construction I'm not sure. Either way, her dog are gonna be scared as hell for a very long time. She lives on the eastern side of the street.
  10. nightrider

    Hey all!

    Hey everyone! Been looking at the forums for a while now, but I thought it would be nice to finally say hello.
  11. Technically Brooklyn College-Flatbush Av is built with 2 side platforms, with a bridge in the southern end. At one point, they wanted to extend the tracks further down but it was dropped.
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