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  1. you should mention everything on public record. Period. If you disclose fully, they will not hold against you. Hide something and they find it, you're done.
  2. he was mine too.. I did it out if West Farms.
  3. sharrocks is cool. i remember him.. is mr. vazquez still there? the supt. with the red hair n glasses (cant remember his name) is cool too. he does the artic training.
  4. i don't think they post names on the list.. just list#.. Which exam are you inquiring about?
  5. Hey Blitz.. I found out he is at Quill. When he decided to go back to the Line Supervisor position from Superintendent, he wasn't able to pick back into 126. So you must have came in right when he left.. lol

  6. how long have you been there? He was there for the longest.. But I know he got promoted to a Superintendent, but didn't like it so he went back to Line Sup. I could have sworn he went back there. oh well.. I'll try n find out.

    Do you know when the last class of cleaners came in? I called HR last Monday. They told me they are just waiting on an approval from management to get the next class going. So hopefully by January I will be back to work @ mta

  7. He works nights too.. Eddie Ayala. Family friend.

    I am being re-classified to a Cleaner so I am trying to find the better places to work at.. I was at Gun Hill, but I don't wanna commute to the Bronx anymore if I don't have to .. I doubt they will let me pick into Bklyn b/c I am OA, so just scoping out the depots in Manhattan.. 126 is a TA depot,right? So I don't even think they will let me go there either.. I'll either try for 100st or Quill.. Need something with easy access & parking if possible.. Anyway, if you see Eddie tell him Joe the B/O (Manny's Son in law) said Hi. lol

    Is he a ball buster at work? lol I can imagine..

  8. no shit. You on days or nights? I know a line Sup. over there..

  9. what depot you work at blitz?

  10. Try and get there at least a 1/2hour early so you have some time to look over what is left..

  11. I picked today at 12:30pm. I picked a floater. Good Luck. I think all that will be left are floaters. There were two spots on the extra list. Two runs on the BX12, one run on the BX5 and one or two runs on the BX238. The floaters that were left were mainly work on the 44a, 402, & 238. I got floater #33. It's late work, but it paid best from what was left. Good Luck bro. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM

  12. Yes, I own two cars because right now we need to cars. My kids' school is 9 miles from where we live. We moved during the school year, and their zoned school had no openings. So we left them where they were for the remainder of the year. So my wife drives them back n forth everyday. And sorry, but I'm not sending my 5 & 6yr old on public transportation.. lol Right now, I live in Brooklyn and work in the bronx. Takes too long to go to and fro by train.. Over 2hrs each way. So I drive into Whitestone,Queens, park and take the bus over the bridge right to my depot. Only time I drive into work is Sundays b/c I clear too late to catch the bus. So it saves me toll money taking the bus 4 days/wk. Hopefully I can get into Gleason or Ulmer Park come January. Gleason is walking distance. U.P. is 30-45min commute by bus. So one car will be gone. Anyone interested in a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus??? lol
  13. I have two cars. They are nice and convenient to have, but expensive in this city. Both cars are used, one is a 2006 and one is a 1998. I maintain my own vehicles, so my maintenance costs are parts only. But between insurance, my payment on the '06, gas & tolls, they cost me $800/mo. That's rent for a 1bd apt. When I am able to get back to working in brooklyn and not having to commute, the 1998 is getting sold and will save me roughly $300/mo plus I won't be paying tolls to go back n forth to the bronx. Plus next year my kids will be going to school a couple of blocks away so no more driving them to school which will cut my gas cost in half on the '06. So hopefully next year I will be saving a bunch of money. Anyway, b4 you get set on buying a car, new or used, price insurance b/c it's crazy in nyc.
  14. Congrats Bro.. I just came to Gunhill also.. I like it so far, but I live in Brooklyn so the commute sucks. Unless you are on the extra list, you won't see the good routes.. More than likely, you will be on/able to pick the BX12, BX5,BX4,BX40,BX42,BX39..
  15. when I got hired, they never put us in the simulator... They were in a room that we did the CPR training.. Maybe they stopped using them???
  16. Hey Tim, Clean out your inbox!! lol

  17. oh ok. I just saw in a thread you start training.. lol Good Luck. First couple days you will be at Zerega doing paperwork. Then they will assign you to a depot with a few other students to go through your 7-day training. I was at West Farms depot. Once you pass that, you go back to Zerega for another 3-5days for more paperwork, get your badge, wheelchair lift key, measured for uniforms, Hybrid bus training, CPR training and pick or assigned to a depot where you will stay for at least the next 3 months. Good Luck. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. It's not too bad, just do what they want you to do and you will be fine.

  18. you should be fine as long as you don't hide anything from transit. Tell them whatever is on your record. Bring in that disposition. You will need it. As long as you don't have a record for DUI/DWI, violent crimes and no more than 4 points in the last 3 years, you will be fine. Just make sure you disclose whatever is on your DMV and any other record. If you don't, they will find out and fire you, regardless of what the offense was. Otherwise you should be fine. Also, be as accurate as possible with dates of things.. Work history, previous addresses, tickets, accidents, etc.. Good Luck.

  19. Hey Jason. Neither....lol. I haven't heard back from the ta about either job. I called hr in November and they said I wouldn't hear from mabstoa till spring. Then I got in touch with the mabstoa vice division chairman in the union and submitted an application through him for mta bus. Haven't heard back . Plan on following up in a week or. Two. Back at. my old job for now.


    How's everything with you?

  20. +1 on the lefty stuff.. And I bet you if she ran, she would probably win.
  21. just my opinion. This city's cost of living is out of control and continues to get worse. I live in brooklyn, and imo, it's filled with animals. Not people. I see crime increasing. People have no consideration nor respect for others personal property. Everyone acts like they are owed something. Everyone acts like they are better than everyone else. People have no manners. No respect for each other. I can go on and on. But I'll just end it with this city sucks and I hope to be out of here asap. just my opinion.

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