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  1. Call human resources and see if they started calling off that list and what number they are up to. Also ask to make sure you are active on it and were not passed up for some reason.
  2. you should mention everything on public record. Period. If you disclose fully, they will not hold against you. Hide something and they find it, you're done.
  3. It is a practical exam. Consists of a multiple choice written test and 4 or 5 hands on tests. I took it last June (promo) and i am on the list and waiting for the call. Not difficult for someone with experience. I only had trouble with the electrical bc I dont have a ton of diagnostic electrical experience. But I passed and that's all that matters.
  4. I'm #13 on this list. Anyone know when they will start calling off the list for this promotion?
  5. If anyone here took this promotional, i was told by someone in the exams unit they will start working on this one in march. Just fyi
  6. Does anyone know what list they are currently calling off of now for OA maintainers? I took the promotional/practical in June for exam 3203. Was told I'd hear something in 90 days and that has come/gone.. I keep getting automated message at the exams # and can't leave a message. Anyone else here take that promotional? Hear anything? Anyone know of any classes coming in anytime soon? thanks
  7. 7day training won't be done, but they'll observe you for a day or two or three. Line training you might have to do on your own time. You get a slip from the sld and you will be paid 2hrs for each route iirc. ProbAtion will start over. You will have to do your physical and 19a all over again.
  8. This test was given last february. I took it and haven't heard anything from it.. No score, list, nothing.. Just wondering if anyone here took it, or maybe knows someone who did.. i tried calling the BSC numerous times.. I get referred to transit exams hotline and you never get a person, nor can you leave a voicemail. Mailbox is always full. Tried a couple numbers I have for human resources, leave a message and never get a call back.. Union doesn't know anything.. So figured I would try here.. thanks
  9. there was a cleaner/helper test in february. if you missed it, gonna have to wait for the next one.
  10. thinking about it just in case i dont get reinstated to b/o.. but thats a tough job physically. i dont know if i could deal with the heat and humidity in the tunnels during the summertime. i have no problem dealing with the cold, but the heat kills me.
  11. he was mine too.. I did it out if West Farms.
  12. sharrocks is cool. i remember him.. is mr. vazquez still there? the supt. with the red hair n glasses (cant remember his name) is cool too. he does the artic training.
  13. i cant see how that is possible.. if there was no usage/need, why would gunhill have so many articulated routes? bx12, bx12sbs, bx40/42 , bx4/4a, bx22, bx5, bx39.. these are all heavy routes that require artics. just my .02
  14. and as far as the cleanliness of the buses.. we do what we gotta do on the sweep. management isnt putting buses through the scrub like they should.. and the riding public just destroys the buses.. my mind is boggled almost every night by the stuff i see on these buses.. there are nights when it looks the buses are just rolling dumpsters.. wtf people..? do you really enjoy sitting in filth? i just dont get it.. but hey..it is what it is..and it aint gonna change.
  15. fwiw, i know here at gunhill there are at least 10 artics slated for the scrap heap.. a lot of buses are down in maintenance and the heat is on the cms.. a lot of repeaters.. beakies popping up at night looking to bust guys..i guess guys arent doing their jobs..
  16. when that time comes, go tothe dmv and geta copy of your drivers record.. think it is called an abstract. if the ticket is gone, call human resources and see whenyou can go back in and bring back all your paperwork. go to your current appointment and let them tell you the deal. when the ticket is off you have to call them. they wont call you.
  17. The MTA does not recognize point-reduction classes/certificates... you can't have more than 4 points, and they only check back 3 years. So if you get called for the job before Dec. 2013, they will tell you to call back when you hit the 3 yr mark and they will re-instate your list #, as long as they don't exhaust that list by/b4 then. Same thing happened to me. I had to wait a year. I called back after the year, but they had a hiring freeze. Got called back like 6 months later I think..
  18. Change a belt, Service brakes, wiring up a circuit, electrical troubleshooting.. not sure what else..
  19. You won't get manhattanville because it is OA . Stangel is TA. So that might be possible. I wish they would say what boroughs they are hiring for.
  20. I think eventually the pensions, pay,etc will all line up.. When, who knows.. In my opinion, send in the app, take the test, then see how you feel when you get called for the position. You can always pass on it, but at least you will have that option if nothing changes between now & then. It's gonna be a few yrs b4 they start calling off of it, so you have time.. But I'm sure you already know that.. lol
  21. If you are a Mabstoa operator, and you take the TA test so you can work out of Queens or SI, and get called, and you are already at top pay as an OA driver, how does that work??? I know you keep your pension time, and give up your picking seniority.. But do you have to take a pay cut from $29/hr to $20/hr or will they keep you at your pay scale??
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