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  1. Sure is!! At least there's plenty of lights, places to sit, food, and if you need...police! Thanks brother! It's not as creepy as it looks, just my style of shooting. Look at the last two photos, it's more light than I allowed in the shot. Thanks! absolutely! Thanks, those silver bullets made great models Thanks Joe! :cool:
  2. Thanks! I hear that quite often I got'cha! Will have some by Weds.! I'm from rough areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn, so the hood doesn't bother me none!
  3. Thanks! Great info! I WILL have some of those shots by wed.!
  4. Thanks! Thanks! I fix that large photo, don't know how that one slipped in there Yes it is, however for most shots I was shooting to keep most of the original lighting there and create a cinematic look. As you can see in the last two shots I lighten things up a bit. I like shooting more dark though... Thanks! :cool:
  5. Well, my camera (Nikon D90) has D-lighting, and I use it, however I don't depend on it. I pretty much find my shot, to where it wont be too under or over exposed. I will take the same picture a few times in various settings until I get what I want from the photo. I don't use the auto features much, and when I do (if I'm not going for an effect) its the auto ISO. I set my own ISO when I want a certain look.
  6. Thanks Joe! I really don't do any. I may adjusts my blacks on occasion, clear a photo up or two but thats about it. I don't take photos and spend hours in photoshop etc. after unless I'm going for a certain effect. I like shooting mostly in a cinematic style where my photos look like a movie. :cool:
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