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  1. To be honest with you, do you blame them for thinking that way? Can you name a main train-line that stops running fully at night, then runs a shuttle that comes every 45 minutes, sometimes damn near an hour? Lets also not forget that the 5 line was voted the crappiest line by straphangers for at least two years in a row? It's because people are understandably not satisfied with the service, and I don't blame them. I take this 5 train every day to work, and i can leave 30 minutes earlier than the exact time i takes for me to get to work (about an hour and 15 minutes) and still hope that a two train doesn't come in front of us, or just regular delays don't screw me over. The morning express from east 180th street to 149th is probably the one good thing about this line, and now for a whole year plus, that will stop? I'm hoping that it's a bad estimate, but knowing the mta, it probably will be longer than that. I'm not ignorant here, i know that the WPR line needs those new signals (being that almost every time there's a goddamned snow storm or lots of rain the freakin' signals get f**ked at east 180th street or at Dyre ave) but for it to take a full year and more isn't exactly fair. Not to mention that the 4, 6, 2, lines never have to deal with the things that 5 train line goers suffer from, including less service. I know that the MTA doesn't pick and choose train lines to shit on, but I can't blame anyone for feeling blackballed, cause i've ridden the 5 train long enough to feel their pain. At the end of the day though, you gotta suck it up and do what the hell you have to do. I'm just explaining why certain people feel that way. PS, extra 5 minutes, pffft. try 30.
  2. If you're trying to say that New York City's crime rate hasn't changed from since the 80's and 90's, i'd love some of what you're smoking, cause you're you're clearly under the influence, if you think that crime hasn't changed since then. If anything, i'd expect worst being that the economy is in the shitter. Alas, it still isn't anything near that it was back then.
  3. Well MetroPCS fails for me, cause I do a lot of traveling outside the tri-state area, and i hear that it doesn't have reception outside of it. Overall i'm not sure about the quality of service or reception, but I haven't seen many people who praise it, so i don't think it's worth getting.
  4. Overweight here is being used as a descriptive term. (at least for this discussion. I hope that if airlines did in fact decide to do this, they would use a more proper definition of what would be unacceptable size on a flight) Either way it comes down to said person requiring two seats due to their size. If John Cena required two seats, his actual fat/muscle ratio has nothing to do with it. The easiest way to avoid that discrimination is to go against anyone that is big to the point where they block the aisles, or clearly cannot fit in one seat. Anything else would be too difficult/tricky to enforce
  5. Well, it seems as if they've reached some type of agreement, cause they're airing channel 7 now. Either way, I'm not feeling ABC on this one. Cablevision customers pay a basic cable bill, but that doesn't just come with local channels (1-13) It also comes with other extra channels. Not to mention that you get programming features, the cable box clarity (that you might not recieve with rabbit ears) and HD. Ultimately ABC is asking cable to pay for a channel (one channel might i add) that can be recieved for free. At the end of the day, if Cablevision does decide to pay them 40 million, they're going to have no choice but to raise the bill. Not to mention they decided to pull the channel on the night where everyone would feel the pressure, so that isn't fair either.
  6. The article says july 1, 2010. My only issue is with the Bx30. While it was a slow bus, I like having the option to take that or the BX28
  7. This, seriously. Also with the student metrocards, i don't get it, how are they saving money with that? If they're thinking about gaining revenue for charging, students, that's kinda screwed up. If they want to reduce costs, then just take it back to the "paper" days and issue those out for students instead of an actual metrocard.
  8. From what i read, it seems like they're going to re-structure the entire routes that run along those areas. Which could mean anything.
  9. If you don't mind telephony rape (signing with Verizon + its hidden fees) Get the motorola Droid. Out of all the phones i've seen an used, that's the best cellular device i've ever put my hands on.
  10. Eliminated weekend service? (Bx30) Personally, i don't care about the 30 that much, just as long as they have the bx28 cover that route.
  11. The so-called homeless people that piss me off are the ones that get upset when you say that you don't have any change. If you want money from me, you have a better chance getting it when you're not being a Dick. Also, something interesting to note is that being homeless in a big city has it's advantages, whereas somewhere with a smaller population and lack of buisnesses you'd probably die of starvation quick.
  12. I only ride the n, r, w, lines for two stops going to work every day. (59th and lexington) Just having the w there, definitely helps when i miss the n, or the r. More often, i see the n/w before i see the r.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'll try to make it next sunday.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's a big statue up the hill to the left of this bus stop right? I remember having to find that very same bus stop. Pissed me off to high hell
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