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  1. I took the exam when i was 18 and still in HS. I'm 20 now and I'm a conductor now. When the exam comes out, just check that they haven't changed the requirements and file for the exam.
  2. I just got my boots yesterday but my medical was on the 23rd so I had more time to recieve them than those who got appointed this past week.
  3. I just got an email invitation to the medical on Wednesday for the June 4th class.
  4. First class was April 23rd. Second class will be June 4th.
  5. They will give you instructions on how to fill it out during the OPA.
  6. It's going to vary because it really depends on the amount of vacancies available for the position.
  7. I got my OPA results in the mail. Pretty much is a Pass/Fail. No actual number score.
  8. Just got my letter. List number in the low 400s.
  9. It's been over a year since I've been here, wow!

    1. GojiMet86


      Lol, I was wondering where you were yesterday. Just randomly.

  10. So it was you who I saw taking pictures at Beach 90th on Saturday...
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