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  1. It's been over a year since I've been here, wow!

    1. GojiMet86


      Lol, I was wondering where you were yesterday. Just randomly.

  2. That's great, im fine, still dealing with crazy things going on in my life

  3. Yea, how have you been

  4. I've been seeing some of ur former UP RTS at WF

  5. The (4) is borrowing 6511-6515 from the (2)

  6. The RTs are everywhere except where i am, 8941 and 8946 both took off a the same time from my line, i couldn't catch up 2 it

  7. I'm a senior member now

  8. lol, B999 via Ogre Ave

  9. Guess the location is back

  10. Like my profile pic?

  11. i could tell it was fake, since when did the (C) go to C.I & since when did the (C) use R160's

  12. yay, R160 (C), one of my favorite lines

  13. Remove as many as nessesary (NX)

  14. Which group would you like to be in?

  15. Oh cool, I end next week

  16. Nah, busy with school, i finally had some spare time.

  17. Like my new profile pic?

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