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  1. Actually, unless you're buddies with the road dispatcher, you DO get in trouble for this. Road dispatchers have their own rules which are not the ones they teach you at Zerega. Actually, unless you're buddies with the road dispatcher, you DO get in trouble for this. Road dispatchers have their own rules which are not the ones they teach you at Zerega.
  2. I haven't been here n a while, came back 2 c wat was happen'n & I c tht u had a mtg with the DOL. Wanted 2 know how it went b/c I got a letter (list# in 460s) during the Summer. I wrote 2 transit 2 request a specific reason y I wasnt hired & got a response tht they look @ certain qualifications (med, criminal, & work history) wen hiring. Well, it seemed funny tht I was disqualified 4 those reasons since my medical & work history were never submitted. I do have an OLD misdeameanor conviction but look'n @ the former bank robber who got hired, I look like an angel.

    I recall hearing a train conductor talk'n 2 sumone who he hadn't seen in a while and the guy asked him "how did u get on with Transit & you served 5 yrs in prison". How can they be considering criminal records when they are steadily hiring felons (some with violent offenses).

    So, I guess I am part of the rule.

    Anywho, I didn't press the issue after I got the letter b/c I know how BIG businesses operate. $$$$ talks.

  3. PS: Just thought it might be a good idea for you and maybe some of the other guys that got hit with this rule to come down to the Dept of Labor with me on Dec. 28th. There's someone there that told me he's investigating this thing. I'll call him soon to see what he thinks.
  4. It's what I suspected, Locomotion. :tup: Just got through reviewing the the posts from list 5025 and 8006. Looks like they did not use the 1 in 3 rule at all for list 5025 and the start of list 8006 (numbers 1 through 400's). My number was 119 but I declined and was put back in late July or August (they were up to list #800's and 900's then) and that's when they came out with that rule. It looks like they kicked out a lot of drivers with the rule and gave it a rest sometime around late October if I'm not mistaken. I have a funny feeling they just wanted to get me (it's a long story) but they had to take a whole lot of other guys to make it look fair or routine.:confused: Locomotion, as far as I know and the lawyer told me what the TA did was totally legal. Don't forget your dealing with an agency with tremendous power that can shape the laws in their favor. Where I think we have a chance is that they are not using the law uniformly. It's like (for example) only applying the anti-homicide laws to one group of people instead of the whole population. That, I believe is illegal. By the way, today I e-mailed the Inspector General - MTA/NYCTA to see if I can get all this stuff in document form under the freedom of information act. Have a meeting with someone in the Dept of Labor in a couple of weeks. Will keep you posted.:cool:
  5. Just want to add something else to my question, guys. ;)Was anyone from list 8006 with numbers 1 thru 119 disqualified because of the 1 in 3 rule????? Bear with me, I have a reason for asking these questions.:tup::cool:
  6. Sealteam1962, how's everything? Haven't your response about the petition thing on the 1 in 3 rule, anyway here's one thing we can do first. Write to the NYCTA and ask them to restore your name to the list. It's an option and it's mentioned in the 1 in 3 rejection letter we got.


    We got to move on this. Something doesn't look right. Did you notice that in all the years we were monitoring people on the list before ours, what was going on at Livingston Street, and DCAS we never heard anybody mention this 1 in 3 rule then all of a sudden here it is???? I don't get it.



  7. Sealteam: Last we communicated you said you had been let go because of the 1 in 3 rule. Just want to check with you to see how far into the hiring process you were just before you got the 1 in 3 letter. As far as me, I'm looking into consulting a lawyer about this.


  8. My list number is 119. Was originally summoned to Livingston street in March but I postponed the appointment, got my name put back on the list and later in July took drug test and handed in application. Early this month got 1 in 3 rejection letter. I waited 3 years for this? :confused: Any ideas to fight this?
  9. Just want to correct myself. the figure 2,300 should be 1,300 (ball park figure). (33 percent of the original 4,000 test takers that passed). Whatever it is, it's a lot.:eek:
  10. I got a letter saying so. :mad: The letter (in MTA stationery) reads: "You were considered and not selected for Appointment in in accordance with Rule 4.7.1 . of the Rules and Regulations of the New York City Personnel Director." This link, http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/html/resources/prr_rule4.shtml explains what that rule is, namely the "1 in 3 rule." The letter further says that my "ineligibility is only for [the MTA]. Therefore you can be recertified to [the MTA] only upon that agency's request." Good luck and thanks to all for your responses so far.
  11. Thanks, Primo. :cool: Before you ask, I was just hit with this rule. :confused: What I dont get is why don't I hear more people talking about this. It's a whopping 33 per cent (2,300 candidates) of everybody who took this test 8006 being disqualified!!! From what I see it's no being enforced consistently.:mad:
  12. This is for Sealteam or anyone out there. What do we know about the so called, "1 in 3 rule," and when does it kick in? After the drug test or before? Who knows anybody who has been denied appointment because of this rule? :confused: Thanx!
  13. Just learned something new:mad:--some of us have had to take the drug test more than once before getting called for the medical. Also that there's a class forming August 15th. I did the drug test back on July 7th. Any of you guys and gals that were there that day for drug test get called yet for the medical? :confused: Is the notice for medical a phone call or a letter?:cool::tup:
  14. Did the drug test back on July 7. It's been over 2 weeks but have not gotten the phone call for the medical yet. Is it in 4 weeks that they're supposed to call me? :(Would appreciate the answer. Thanks in advance.:tup:
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