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  1. I haven't been here n a while, came back 2 c wat was happen'n & I c tht u had a mtg with the DOL. Wanted 2 know how it went b/c I got a letter (list# in 460s) during the Summer. I wrote 2 transit 2 request a specific reason y I wasnt hired & got a response tht they look @ certain qualifications (med, criminal, & work history) wen hiring. Well, it seemed funny tht I was disqualified 4 those reasons since my medical & work history were never submitted. I do have an OLD misdeameanor conviction but look'n @ the former bank robber who got hired, I look like an angel.

    I recall hearing a train conductor talk'n 2 sumone who he hadn't seen in a while and the guy asked him "how did u get on with Transit & you served 5 yrs in prison". How can they be considering criminal records when they are steadily hiring felons (some with violent offenses).

    So, I guess I am part of the rule.

    Anywho, I didn't press the issue after I got the letter b/c I know how BIG businesses operate. $$$$ talks.

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