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  1. Bro Im still up in tears, and it’s been 2 weeks since I failed. Well thanks again man for taking the time to respond. Kudos!
  2. Thank you for your feedback. I had the hopes for a second chance. Especially considering that I paid for the B/O # 4105 application process and passed the Boss test. Failing the 10 day training earlier this month was devasting. Does the Mta mail you letter detailing your resignation? Also do they contact you after 5 years for possible work opportunities or do you have to apply for another exam and do the whole process again? Thank you,
  3. To my knowledge they suppose to call you in order. It’s kind of strange though because when I called last week, I called twice and spoke to 2 different people. One said 3400 and the other said they were up to 3600
  4. Thanks for replying! Perhaps you shouldn’t decline the appointment just yet since they already sent you a letter to report for the pre-employment process for January 25th. Maybe you still have a shot tho.
  5. I also failed the training recently but when I called they said that I was still in the running for B/O 4105. Do you think that 5 year rule only pertains to those that didn’t apply for other past exams?
  6. I’m currently working full time. I just wanted to obtain my license before I get called up for the pre-employment process. Thank you both for info. Much appreciated👍🏼
  7. Hey everyone, Can somone please refer me to a reputable cdl training location within the 5 boroughs? Thank you guys😊
  8. Yes it was street drugs. It was my birthday last week and I was watching Scarface with my friiends and I did something that I shouldn't have. Yes I'm an idiot I know. So the way to postpone is to simply not show up? Or is it better to call them? Andonce I restore my number do I get a random number again? Thank you guys for patiently answering my questions, as I'm freaking out.
  9. Hey everybody! This is my first time posting here. I received my pre employment letter last week to attend for appointment for this week. I'm worried that there's a slight chance that I might fail the drug screening. Should I be honest and just tell them if they ask me or should I just take my chances and just go for it? Also, if I fail Do I get a 2nd chance?
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