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  1. Hey the Knicks in very weak NBA Eastern Division should win at least a round in the playoffs and keep attention away from our local baseball clubs not having a great season. And only 4 months until NFL Trainning camps if both teams stink up the joint.
  2. Hey it probably been as far back as say 1968 when either or both NY area MLB clubs was not a top playoff/world series contender at same time.
  3. Man this is the 1st time maybe in my lifetime that the opening of the MLB season here in NY area not be pumped up as normal. Few times circa 1999/2000 both teams were world series contenders or say 1980 Yankees were good and Mets crappy or 1988 Mets WS Contenders and Yanks at best a 2nd-3rd place club. reactions why?
  4. Actually depending on what It is, a broadway show can be fun. Granted it mortage type expensive now but still worth going my young friend at least 1x. FYI. There TXTS that sells Bway shows on same day as performernce at least 25% off.
  5. Hey got a bunch of former residents from the boros here in Hudson Valley as well. Don't forget the Poconos as well. Thus I am Not surprised former new Yorkers are in the Tampa area as well. Other "hot" spot for transplanted new Yorkers around the country include 1)Miami 2)LA/Southern Calif. 3)Va. Beach/Norfolk area 4)North Carolina.
  6. Its same thing in other east coast cities like Washington and Boston. What the point of this VG8? DC in which majority of workers are federal government employees, just like that nyc, tourists from around the world take over that town on weekends. Can't explain why but hey you could visit Fargo, North Dakota and it's 98% "locals" lol. VG8 I thought you enjoyed the big apple being so a famous city around the globe.
  7. What up with cashman and these AARP or near ancient players? And he did not resign Raul and Martin? Wells 5-6 years ago was a good player. Now at best he's a bench player on a good team. Not to mention Jeter's injury and this could be a long season in the Bronx. Saving grace is that the AL East is maybe the weakest it's been in years with no clear favorite. Other than the Sox any of the other teams can win it.
  8. If you looked on Bayview Ave (where start of NY Harbor is)you can see it. Ditto on the wonder wheel and parts of sea gate(before it got washed away).
  9. Actually CI if you count Russian Immigrants was diverse. I never called CI (Great Neck, LI) either but the tone of your thread does make it worse than what it was. Also I am also "mixed" myself. That my point. FYI. IMO Far Rockaway, certain parts of East NY, East Flatbush(no offense to B35) Jamaica, Queens and Long Island City I would consider more of a dump. How could you not beat the views of the VZ Bridge.
  10. VG8 sounding like archer bunker. Yes CI had problems but there goes your riff raff comment again. I was raised there. Not everyone from CI was a gang member. Insulting me. And yes some ppl did visit the neighborhood pass the asument park
  11. reopening of coney island for 2013 season has received national media attention. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/coney-island-reopens-time-superstorm-sandy-18800492
  12. As someone who grew up in CI (the homes on West 37th across from sea rise apt. towers and sea gate) the area that always was the "hood" was 1)Carey Gardens the PJ"s on West 23rd between Surf and Mermaid and 2)those pj's (forgot name)on Neptune between Bayview/West 31rd and West 33rd St. And yes at one point in early 1980's (like much of NYC) there was a drug/crime problem in CI especially in those forementioned projects.
  13. They may have a Wonder Wheel, but they don’t have a library or a bank. Coney Island residents say Superstorm Sandy wiped out neighborhood basics — and five months later they’re still doing without. “We’re the forgotten Coney Island,” said W. 17th St. resident business owner Edwin Cosme, 52. “There’s more to our neighborhood than the glamor of the rides and the beach and the ocean breeze. “We wake up every day and deal with stress and the conditions that linger after Sandy.” Cosme and other residents are riled about two dozen closures of community centers, social-service agencies and a major clinic. Also, 25% of Mermaid Ave.’s stores are still shut — from bodegas to the McDonald’s and Coney’s only Citibank branch. Cosme closed a Mermaid Ave. electronics store after $60,000 in storm damage; he’s trying to build a bakery in its place. He’s part of a group planning a protest Sunday during the opening of Coney’s iconic amusement area. “We’re still longing for the things that make a community whole,” said neighborhood activist Todd Dobrin who will join the demonstration. As amusement park operators do final prep for their storm comeback celebration, some residents say they’re not ready to party. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/coney-comeback-skipping-scarce-services-rile-residents-iconic-amusements-reopen-sandy-article-1.1295504#ixzz2ODjUma50
  14. Concourse you make a good point. However CBS does not have anyone right now to replace Letterman. Plus Letterman just signed I think year or two ago, an extension and will be at that 1135pm slot for at least another few years. Despite fact letterman is age 65. Hey if Regis can host his morning show until his later 70's, why not Letterman?(Not saying I am his biggest fan)
  15. Preaching to the choir on that one my friend. MNRR should have *limited overnight service* just like the LIRR with at least a 3amish Northbound service on all 3 lines. Even if ran just on at least Friday and Saturday Night and charge peak fares(only from GCT of course) for that added service. As far as the 150am trains honestly I never been or used the Harlem or New Haven lines before on those final late night trips. I am sure Truckie can better explain. I am sure the New Haven is busiest since about 3-4 years back, they added both an express (new haven) and local (Stamford)on that final trip of the night. Regarding the Hudson 150am it's a Local that connects with the shuttle at Croton to Poughkeepsie. Honestly the 1am Nothbound is often SRO (especially during sport games, concerts & other events) in the Manhattan area than the 150am. That why the created the 1247am "express" for upper Hudson/Poughkeepsie riders from GCT to help out with crowding on the 1am Croton-bound train. So 90%-plus of the time, the 150am is never fully crowded. Sometimes only 2 cars are used on a 5-6 car M7 train on that trip. Hope it explains it. Truckie that changing. There now a 1248am train direct to Poughkeepsie starting April 7.
  16. Here the lastest hot unconfirmed rumor. Starting in Fall 2014 Jimmy Fallon replaces Jay Leno as the Tonight Show and Leno contract is not renewed. Plus The Tonight Show will be taped in NYC at Rockfeller Center as East Coast based Comcast tries to saves Money over producing from the expensive LA area studios. Thus this true would mark the 1st time, since the early 1970's that NBC flagship late night talk show is based in Midtown Manhattan. Looks like Mr. Leno goal of breaking Carson record of 30 years as a TV late night host will come short. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/tonight-returning-nyc-fallon-hosting-article-1.1294400
  17. Here the early info on the upcoming Spring/Summer schedule changes starting April 7 mainly for the Hudson and Harlem Lines. On Hudson Line which includes these highlighted changes. First, Poughkeepsie/Upper Hudson trains will now run express almost the entire day/evening between Croton-Harmon/Tarrytown and Grand Central Terminal skipping all Lower Westchester/Bronx stations. In addition the last Northbound "express" train from GCT-Poughkeepsie now leaves little bit later at 1247am daily instead of currently just after Midnight. Plus a new later 1156pm weekday 'shuttle" train between Poughkeepsie and Croton Harmon connecting with the 1am Southbound local to GCT. Plus for the 1st time ever, 7 days a week, many of the Hudson Line(Croton Harmon trains)local stations will have at least trains every 30 minutes or less most of the day. Also on the Harlem line, 30 minute or less headways almost the entire day between North White Plains and GCT. http://mta.info/mta/news/releases/?en=130311-MNR1
  18. The '96 Olympics was in Atlanta. DR has won the 2013 WBC beating their Carribean neighbors Puerto Rico.
  19. Keep in Mind Cheney was basically a Co-President and might have power than any the 2nd in charge in US History. So he deserves some of the heat IMO as well. Even with that Saddam was maybe at the time arguably the worst most murderous world leader. Just remember a decade earlier to the 1991 Gulf War. With the all screweups and wasted money and most important lives in a highly controversial war, I do think Saddam had some form of WMD's. However he IMO got rid of most of them in period right after 9/11 to March 2003 as he knew he was going to pay the price. And thus he made the US seem like bullies even to a tryanant like Saddam.
  20. Great choice. Real classic POP/R&B and Dance song from the early 1980's. While I am not a huge Kiss fan, That a great dance/rock(created circa 1979 at height of disco era)I love to crank on long road trips in my car.
  21. Today March 19, 2003 is the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq that led to the overthrow and death of long time strongman Saddam Hussein. At first, then President GW Bush and VP Dick Cheney claimed that Saddam had nuclear weapons and was a major sponsor of worldwide terrorism. However the weapons was never found, over 3,000 US Troops and hundred of thousands of Iraq citizens was killed. And it was proven the real factor for the controversial war was to gain access to oil. So without going to a heated debate did our nation make the correct choice in spending hundred of billions to invade Iraq instead of fully pursue Osama Bin Laden? For those of you too young or don't remember here the info on other than Vietnam and the 1898 Spanish-American War, the most controversial and disputed war in US History. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_War
  22. It's now @ 23 for the superteam. Lebron scores game winning shot in close of game Monday (3/18/13) vs Celtics. http://aol.sportingnews.com/nba/story/2013-03-18/heat-celtics-result-score-lebron-james-winning-streak-23-lakers-71-72?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl11%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D285623
  23. Not bad idea. However big problem? I don't think almost any MLB Owner in North America (probably ditto in the NPB)wants to lose $$$ in middle of summer even if the season was extended and this replaced the ASG break.
  24. Not to get off topic here but IMO she maybe the front runner but actions like those above may cost her in general election to someone like Lhota. What underestimate about NYC is there are more moderate/consertative voters than the mainstream reports on. Thus those voters are the reason Bloomberg and Rudy have been Mayor for almost 20 years. Back to topic. A compromise could been made where this weekend (st patty's) and Lunar could have full service in exchange for moving the work to Monday-Friday overnights. And since the Mets will be a lousy team this year even during a Met game lol.

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