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  1. Can I see more photos with 661?

  2. Yep, 661 is burned to a crisp, and off the C/S roster. I love 666. I had 638 out on the Q12 Wednesday.



  3. Wait, 661 was in a fire? I saw it a few weeks ago. 666 I rode the most which is why it is my favorite. 656 I saw with no seats when I visited CS.

  4. Yeah we had them hidden on the B/O line waiting for repair. A bunch of the 600's are not ready for the hot weather, and needed A/C repair. We were told to keep all the 600 series Orions off the road this past weekend for what I'm guessing was a well-needed 3-day rest for those hard working machines. Oh and 661 is probably out for good, it had a major fire a few weeks ago. And 656 has been out of service for a long time, but still sitting at our front gate to watch the Mets games. 666 is my favorite bus to drive.
  5. Welcome to the Alliance and nice viking

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