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  1. Congrats. Do you have to take your road test?
  2. Hope I'm not too late. Acute right turns you start turning early bumper to curb. Remember look for the curb and u won't hit it. That's the best piece of advice I can give.
  3. You get paid the same if you work in Staten Island or queens. If you're TA you cannot work in Mta bus depots. In queens you can only work in Jamaica, Casay, and Queens Village.
  4. Air leakage rate you press the brake, u should drop 10 psi. You keep your foot on the brake for 2 minute and you shouldn't drop more than 2 psi. If you do that means there is a leak. Low air pressure device you press the test button to make sure the buzzer is working. You keep pressing the brake until the Low air pressure device is activated. Spring Brake. The parking brake/ spring brake should be pressed down. The bus must be on a flat surface and you state " all buses manufactured after 1991 is equipped with a spring brake this bus was manufactured in ____. I'm administering the test now. You keep pressing the brake until the Springbrake pops up and you say the spring brake was activated at___ psi. Air compressor you do a wrap around which is when u check and call out all the switches near the steering wheel, you turn the wheel, and check the wind shield wipers. You then state when the compressor cut off. Parking brake. You have the parking brake up bus in drive and press on the accelerator for 3 seconds and the bus should not move. Service brake you move the bus about 15feet at 5 mph and the bus should stop when u press the brake pedal.
  5. I just finish training and I'm now doing line training. The best advice I can give u is to practice your air brake test everyday if u can before you go home. Be confident. Call out all hazards. Your right mirror you need to dig deep in and try to see up the block to avoid bikes passing you and not seeing it or calling it out, and stopping. When you're turning you may not see the curb you may think you're clear of it but the instructor will pull the brake as you run over it, turn slowly and find the curb. If you're about to hit the curb turn the wheel to the left to pull the bus further from the curb so u don't hit it. If you're hitting curbs that means ur not setting up ur turns properly. Right turn pole to curb left turns bumper or your shoulder to street your turning into. Good luck ** If your waiting to be called and you don't have your license try to get it before they call u. The last thing u need is to pass training but not pass your Cdl test and be disqualified. Trust me the less stress the better.
  6. They are not going to allow u to take the road test if you didn't pass their 10 training. In their eyes that believe you can't handle the bus. If you paid for the road test already you can probably go through a driving school and get your CDL. I'm heard before it's 3-4 years before they will accept you for employment again. Call 180 Livingston Street to verify. The next test that comes out take it and if they call you before the 3-4 years are up decline the position and reinstate your name back on the last once the time have passed.
  7. If u can, take your road test outside before you're called. I took my road test today and thank God I passed but I was a nervous wreck all 5 of us that took it today was. 1 person out of the 5 failed and since he passed training on day 7 he gets a second chance. Trust me, getting through the 7-10 day training is stressful enough. I didn't realize you were pertaining to someone from MTA BUS. No one in my class is from there just OA and TA. I can only speak on what they tell us. I have no idea what they are going to do once they report to Grand Ave but the Superintendent today made it very clear that u cannot start line training with the P restriction. Since I have the restriction I have to go down to the dmv tomorrow and apply for my Cdl so I can start line training on Friday instead of having to report to Grand Ave Depot.
  8. If you passed your CDL PERMIT test after June 5 you have a P restriction on your license and are not allowed to start line training. If you took your permit test prior to June you do not have the P restriction and can start line training. They explained this today in class. The people that is reporting to Grand Ave tomorrow at 8 cannot start line training until they pass their road test due to the P (passenger) restriction. TA individuals like myself are the only people sent to Queens. OA individuals at any time can pick into a Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan Depot they canNOT go to queens or Staten Island. And as dainty said at NO time can a TA OR OA person work in a MTA BUS DEPOT.
  9. I took the TA test (2613) and reinstated my name back on the list my number is in the 1100's. On Monday I'll find out what number they're up to for this exam. I'll ask someone in my class.
  10. I'm in the class now and I did take the test for passenger endorsement and airbrakes. The dmv has a new restriction that does not allow you to drive with passengers. So I cannot start line training until I pass my road test. I'm speaking from experience, this is what I'm experiencing currently.
  11. You cannot do line training without taking the road test if you have P restriction on your license, which means you cannot drive the bus with passengers. So it all depends when you took the written test for your Cdl permit. The DMV changed a lot rules in June or July. Check the back of your license and see if you have the P restriction. If you do have it your road test will be scheduled quickly and before line training. If you don't you will start line training and then be called down to Zerega to take your road test.
  12. I think people should be able to post what they want as long as it's not offensive to anyone. Why are people taking this stuff so personal. If it don't apply let it fly.

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